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It's time for you to know where I really come from: I am from Viltrum, but it's not the planet I've told you about: We have created a perfect civilization, but it took all of our strength, determination, and courage to get there. In order for our people to reach their full potential, we had to remove the weak from our society. It was a long and difficult process. When it was over, our population was cut in half but what emerged from the ashes was unstoppable. By the time I was born, Viltrum was already the greatest empire in our galaxy. We decided to make it the only empire in our galaxy. Once I was old enough, I joined the war effort. It was hard, but I believe in our cause. Some species resisted, of course, but no one could withstand us for long. Soon, our empire encompassed thousands of planets, but as territory grew, our forces were stretched thin, and our expansion stopped. We needed a better, more efficient way to conquer worlds. Our most trusted officers were each given a planet to weaken by themselves. I was one of those lucky few. I couldn't tell your mother why I was here. But that time's come to an end, and now, we need to get Earth ready to join the Viltrum Empire.
~ Nolan to Mark as he reveals the truth about Viltrum and his purpose on Earth.

The Viltrumites are the main antagonists of the Image comic book series Invincible. They are a race of alien warriors and planetary conquerors who seek to conquer planets and expand their Empire to take over the universe.


Omni-Man explaining the true origin and history of the Viltrumites to his son.

Originating from the planet of Viltrum, the Viltrumites thrived as a society of communist warriors and conquerors as they ruled their planet with an unbridled iron fist for centuries. However amongst the population there was one Viltrumite by the name of Thaedus who begin to question if his race and society's values were truly perfect as he started to see the faults and evil within their warmongerings culture and cold logic. Determined to surmount his people before they could start a galaxy wide war campaign Thaedus killed and murdered the first emperor, Argall and fled the planet as he became the first real rebel amongst his people and against their ways.

Thrown into utter disarray with the death of their ruler, the Viltrumites engaged in a vicious civil war against each other to kill off the weak. After at least a century, the population was cut in half but was made into an unbeatable race of merciless warriors led by the new second emperor and regent Thragg, a Viltrumite who was trained in all manners of combat techniques and styles as he was bred to be the strongest amongst them and lead them since his birth. The Viltrumites later established the Viltrum Empire and turned their attention towards to the universe as they start to conquer planet after planet. Seeing this, Thaedus founded the Coalition of Planets in order to stop his people from over taking galaxy and to combat their tyrannical ways as they begin a centuries long proxy war.

The Scourge Virus

Desperate to stop his people as they continued to advance throughout the galaxy, Thaedus and Coalition of Planets created a highly infectious bioweapon called the Scourge Virus. This virus infected almost the entirety of the Viltrumite population as it killed off 99.9% of the population with infection or as a result of the virus causing a Viltrumite' strength and invulnerability to become greatly diminished.



  • Argall - First Emperor of Viltrumites
  • Thragg - Second Emperor of Viltrumites
  • Nolan - Third Emperor of Viltrumites

Full-Blooded Viltrumites






  • The Viltrumites were created by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley.
  • Viltrum is a play on word of "philtrum", the upper lip. This is a nod to all male Viltrumites having mustaches.
  • The Viltrumites are a pastiche of the Kryptonians, but unlike to them Viltrumites don't have superpowers like heat vision, self-sustenance, energy absorption and projection, x-ray vision, superhuman senses, super breath and freeze breath.
  • The Viltrumites share several similarities with Saiyans from the Dragon Ball franchise.
    • Both are humanoid-aliens races with a warlike culture who waged war with numerous planets.
    • Both have superpowers like flight, vast superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance, durability, recuperative abilities and decelerated aging.
    • Both are capable of producing powerful offspring with humanity.


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