Vince LaRocca was the primary antagonist of the 1992 movie Sister Act.

He was portrayed by Harvey Keitel.


In the early 1990s Vince was a casino owner and major mob figure in Reno, Nevada. He was married, however he was carrying on an affair with Deloris Van Cartier, who was unaware of his mob activities.

When Vince sent her his wife's fur coat as a gift, Deloris decided to break up with Vince. As she was walking into his suite at the Casino, she witnessed Vince having his driver killed for talking to the cops. Deloris managed to get a few words of apology out before leaving the suite. Vince sent his men Joey and Willie after her, but she managed to escape the casino and went to the police. Reno police Lieutenant Eddie Souther hid Deloris in the last place Vince would expect to find her, a traditional convent in a poor San Francisco neighborhood.

Deloris spent the next few months hiding in a convent, and after settling brought new energy and life to the convent and the immediate area it was adjacent to. She was nearly exposed when a news crew took a brief video of her, but Vince was distracted when she appeared on TV. A few weeks later the corrupt Detective Tate discovered her whereabouts was and informed Vince. Vince had her kidnapped and returned to Reno. He ordered Willie and Joey to shoot her, but since Deloris seemed entirely too calm and collected they were worried that she had actually became a nun while in hiding, and refused to do so. Vince decided to take care of her himself.

Deloris escaped and with the help of her sisters from the convent tried to escape the casino. Vince cornered them in an unused room in the casino. He was about to shoot Deloris when Souther shot him with his gun, wounding Vince in the arm.

Taken into custody, Vince angrily denounced his former lover, saying that she was nothing. Deloris simply responded "Bless you" to Vince. Vince was presumably taken to the hospital to be treated for his wounds, then imprisoned for murder and attempted murder.

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