Vincent "Vince" Van Morrison is a villain from the anthropomorphic webcomic Jack and is a hideous mutilated fox who also acts as one of the seven Sins, embodiments of the "Deadly Sins" of theological teachings.

Vince Van Morrison apparently lived in the Dark Ages and was a politician of some kind; despite apparently possessing a high-ranking position, Vince was never sated in his want for power and soon left politics to begin his own religious cult.

Vince preached that those species such as snakes, locust, donkey and others like them were the chosen people, as they had been utilized by God himself to inflict judgment on others. These species and many more joined Vince's cult en mass, having been persecuted everywhere else.

Vince's cult grew to become an army which, under Vince's rule, began waging war on others. Starting small by attacking villages and towns, Vince's power grew as people were forced to either submit to his teachings or die. Despite having thousands of followers and having his name known and feared throughout the world, Vince still wanted more.

Having gone power-mad, Vince forced others to worship him as a God, wanting complete control, Vince even began making the decision over who lived and who died and had daily, living sacrifices made to him. Eventually, Vince was killed by his own followers, who grew terrified of Vince never-ending lust for power.

After his death, Vince was sent almost directly to Hell, where several of his former followers met him. Hungry for revenge, Vince's former minions severally mutilated their former master, tearing-out off his eyes, nose and genitals. Vince was then set ablaze.

Despite all this, Vince began to rebuild what he had in life; creating a new cult, one based on slaughter and sacrifice, Vince regained almost all of what he possessed in life. Vince had become the embodiment of the Sin of Greed.

Having immense power, Vince ruled over the Necropolis, the city of the damned. Having thousands of followers, both mortals and demons, Vince has absolute control over them, capable of making them do anything, even die and be slaughtered.