I'm sorry... I didn't have a choice! I'm not a bad... I'm not a bad person...
~ Vinnie to Shaun after drugging him.

Vincent "Vinny" Caffarello is the main Anti-heroic protagonist of the EverymanHYBRID YouTube series. While mainly a hero, in 2013–Present, he serves as a "partner" to HABIT in to survive, where he had to go through with his malicious orders, despite how evil they were.

While filming a series with his friends, consisting of a fake Slenderman, he was stalked by the real Slenderman himself. However, a much more loathsome entity, HABIT, came into the picture and was revealed to be the main antagonist. After HABIT had killed practically everyone in the series and successfully possessed Evan again, Vincent, fearing for his life, sort of became "friends" with HABIT. Even if HABIT considers Vinnie a friend, he always fed on his emotions.

HABIT showed Vinnie that his former girlfriend, Lexi, had been killed by the Slenderman, who was initially targeting Vinnie. After some episodes, Vin became HABIT's cameraman began filming his atrocities. He drugged Shaun Andersen and let HABIT torture him. Upon learning that HABIT may have ended up killing Shaun, he rejects HABIT and decides to leave, only to be punched in the head while trying to escape.

He wakes up in a blue room (Jeff's room), with a gun and a timer set for 01:00:31:24. He stays there for the alloted time, remorseful about his time as HABIT's servant and feels that he should die once the time is up. The timer eventually runs out and Vinnie pulls out his gun. The room goes dark. In the latest video, he is seen talking to Evan. What happened to him in the previous video is left unknown.

Evan says that he is confused on whether HABIT's possession of him makes him a monster, to which Vincent replies that Evan at least knows he's not in control, while Vince says that he has been in control of the things he has done. He then says that he feels like he's becoming the monster. The two then proceed to play video games. A clip of Vincent appears at the end of the video. While its distorted for the most part, he then tells the viewer to "stop watching" for their own sake. Its possible this message is from the Vincent within the Candleverse.


  • Shaun Andersen and Vincent are the only protagonists considered by fans to be villains.
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