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My name is Capitan Vincente De Santa.
~ Captain De Santa introducing himself.
You come to my country, my poor, little country, and you think you can be friends with the President?
~ Vincente De Santa to John Marston
John Marston: Who is this man we're looking for, the leader of the rebels?
Vincente De Santa: Abraham Reyes? He is a traitor, a liar, a coward and a sinner. A hero who has done nothing.
John Marston: That's a nice image.
Vincente De Santa: He is from a rich family. A man born in a golden cradle, who pretends to fight for the poor. He is taking advantage of the ignorant and the weak-minded.
John Marston: He must be telling the people something they want to hear.
Vincente De Santa: Of course he is! All that bastard does is stand on a balcón giving speeches. It is easy to make promises you can never keep. Reyes is a coward, blinded by love for himself. All he does is write poems and songs about winning battles he never fought in.
~ De Santa's negative opinion on Abraham Reyes.

Captain Vincente De Santa, also simply known as Vincente De Santa, is a major antagonist in Red Dead Redemption.

He is one of Colonel Allende's right hand men who initially greets John with a warm reception just when John entered Mexico saying that he had been sent to track down Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella. De Santa has John do a few jobs for him in order to earn his trust. Unbeknownst to John, Allende was hiding Bill all along.

He was voiced by Hector Luis Bustamante in motion capture.


After John Marston escorted an Irishman to Mexico, the Irishman suggested that John speak to the provincial governor, located in Escalera. John made his way there, and met Captain De Santa. De Santa's tasks to Marston included escorting supply trains across Nuevo Paraiso, setting buildings used by rebels on fire, and slaughtering rebel strongholds. Over time, John Marston grew to dislike him, as his tasks often included murdering Mexican citizens, burning down innocent people's homes, and capturing Mexican women to give to Coronel Allende and other Mexican soldiers. John also obviously hated the idea of a dictatorship, seeing how he fought against governmental control.

Eventually, Captain De Santa betrayed John by claiming that Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella were both being held inside the church in Chuparosa. Once John entered however, a Mexican soldier knocked him out unconscious. Later that night, De Santa called Marston a traitor, and prepared to execute him. However, a single bullet whizzed in the air, and distracted the soldiers. In all the confusion, Abraham Reyes' rebels showed up and attacked. John successfully escaped, and helped the rebels kill the Mexican soldiers. Unfortunately for them, De Santa escaped as well, and returned back to Escalera.

Luisa Fortuna, an ally to Reyes and his men, eventually informed Marston that De Santa was sent to oversee and supervise a massacre in a cemetery known as El Sepulcro. She ordered him to accompany a group of rebels and kill De Santa. The rebels distracted the soldiers, while Marston lassoed De Santa, and brought him back for questioning. Marston, who had enough of De Santa's lies, beat him up to a bloody pulp. De Santa finally gave in, saying Javier Escuella was holed up at Casa Madrugada. At this point, 2 things can happen. Marston can give De Santa to the rebels, or he can execute De Santa himself. Some dialogue will be different, depending on if Marston kills De Santa himself or lets the rebels do it instead. Either way however, De Santa dies, leaving the Mexican Army leaderless.


Marston! You have betrayed this land enough. I hope you have a clear conscience, because you are about to meet God.
~ De Santa prepares to execute John Marston.
You fucking pig! Go back to your country. Hurry up and kill me or just let me go. OK?
~ De Santa's last words.
That man is responsible for hundreds of innocent deaths, maybe thousands. He will burn in hell. (John Marston: We all will, my friend.) Espinoza is dead. De Santa is dead. The army is without leaders. We must move on Allende now before it is too late.
~ Victor Melendez, a rebel explains Captain De Santa's crimes to John Marston.

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