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Vincenzo Canelli

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Vincenzo Canelli is a minor antagonist of the 1996 film Eraser. He is a wanted drug dealer who is a member of the notorious Canelli family and the arch-nemesis of mob witness Johnny Castleone.

He was portrayed by ???.


According to U.S. Marshal John Kruger (the hero of the film), Canelli was known for selling drugs until Johnny threatened to testify against him in exchange for protection in the Witness Program for himself and his girlfriend. Needless to say, Canelli didn't take it very well on this after spotting Johnny in a restaurant, so he and his men (including Benny and Lou) broke into Johnny's house one night, capturing Johnny and his girlfriend and preparing to kill them by burning their house with gasoline. Canelli also intends to slice out Johnny's tongue as a souvenir to taunt the witness protection program.

Fortunately, Kruger came to the rescue by hanging Lou with a high-tensile wire and snapping Benny's neck with a fridge door. Kruger then shot down Canelli's remaining man with a bullet before pinning Canelli to the ground. Canelli demanded to know who he is, but Kruger just snaps Canelli's neck, killing him for good. After freeing Johnny and his girlfriend, Kruger plant Canelli and his men's corpses outside with fake pictures of the duo being killed and making it look like they turn on each other, all part of his plan to replant Johnny and his flame for a more safer location.

Because of this event, Johnny thanked Kruger for saving his and his girlfriend's lives. To make things better, Johnny even returned the favor by bringing in his cousin Tony Two-Toes and his men to help Kruger to stop Daniel Harper and Robert Deguerin from selling high-pulse railguns (created by Cyrez Corporation) to international terrorists (led by Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky).


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