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Is that dumb-ass gimp dead yet? (Toni:Hate to disappoint you Vinnie.) You son of a bitch! Why can't you just die already? You should have never come back Toni. I worked my fingers to the bone for Salvatore. And you just come wandering back to town and he's all, Toni this, and Toni that! This is my town Toni! MY TOWN! You ain't taking it away from me! I'm gonna enjoy this.
~ Vincenzo in The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade mission (also his last words)

Vincecnzo Cili is a supporting antagonist and the main antagonist for the first half of the game in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He was former member of Leone Family.

He was voiced by Joe Lo Truglio.


Vincenzo and Toni Cipriani do not like each other from the very beginning. Vincenzo thinks of Toni as his subordinate and commissions him with various tasks, on the occasion of which he often remembers the hierarchy of the existing in the mafia, and insults him. That one feels treated like an errand boy.

In the Hot Wheels mission, Vincenzo wants Toni to bring his car to the girls, but the seemingly simple order turns out to be a trap. The car is being watched and there are no girls around. After the police chase, Toni drives the car to the place and answers the phone call from Vincenzo. Toni accuses him of putting him out and driving his car to the squeezer.Later, Vincenzo calls Toni and pretends he wants to be reconciled. He invites him to the Atlantic Quays. There it turns out to be a trap; a dozen men armed with chain saws throw themselves at Toni. The protagonist kills everyone, and at the end deals with Vincenzo. Before his death, Vincenzo reveals that he is driven by jealousy.


  • On his tombstone is written "Not so lucky after all".
  • He drives: Black Kuruma, Red Banshee and Sanchez.
  • Vincenzo is one of four antagonists in the series who disappear after their betrayal and only reappear when they are killed.

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