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Vincent "Vinnie" Raton is a recurring character in the cartoon show ChalkZone


Vinnie first appeared in the episode Hole in the Wall. Rudy and Penny were going to find an old letter that Rudy's father wrote to Rudy's mother as a child in the school Vinnie had planned to destroy. 

When they got caught, Vinnie had the kids arrested and found the portal to Chalk Zone. Vinnie went in and decided to turn it into a theme park and use it for selfish purposes and even took pictures of the place.

Later Appearances

  • Vinnie's next appearances was in a season 3 episode. Vinnie stole Rudy's portable chalkboard which had the portal to Chalk Zone. This resulted in him destroying public property and failing yet again.
  • His next appearance was in "Incident Exposure" where he was used as one of Terry Bouffant's witnesses.
  • In "wellcome to Greenland" music video he appeared on picture.
  • His last appearance was in "Snap Vs Boorat". Where he and Bouffant joined forces to get Rudy's chalk and expose ChalkZone.
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