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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Violator from the 1997 film. The mainstream version can be found here: Violator.

Villain Overview

So you want to do it the hard way? I warned you. I'm just gonna have to teach you a lesson. No more clowning around. I'm not the Vindicator... or the Vacillator... or the Vaporizer... or the Vandalizer... I'm... the Violator!
~ Clown revealing his true form and prepares to fight Spawn.

The Violator, also known as The Clown, is the central antagonist of the 1997 film Spawn. Like in the comics, he is the chief lieutenant of Malebolgia's army and becomes Spawn's mentor after he was killed by the hands of his former boss, Jason Wynn.

He was portrayed by comedian John Leguizamo, who also portrayed Tybalt in William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, Benny Blanco in Carlito's Way, Santiago in Ride-Along, and Javier in Kick-Ass 2.


Violator, one, Spawnie-boy, zero. You've been violated, girlie-man, huh? I could have killed you like that. Twinkle, twinkle, little Spawn. Gosh, you look like crap. Go fertilize my lawn. What, you're not excited yet? Helter-skeleter's coming down with or without you. Either you lead the army, or Wynn plays hockey with Wanda's head. "Hey, Wanda, come on, how about giving me some of that sweet stuff, baby.". "Oh, no. Oh, please, Wynn, don't, please.". "Somebody help me, now.".
~ Clown taunting Spawn after defeating him in their first battle.

Like his comic counterpart, a sadistic, manipulative and treacherous, as well as enjoying taunting and tormenting others for his own pleasure. But he has also shown to be loyal to Malebolgia and has many comedic moments throughout the movie.


Violator is first seen in Wynn's office at A-6 Headquarters watching the news about the attack on Hong Kong's airport that was caused by Al Simmons under the order of Wynn. He talks to Wynn about the deal they made promising a biological weapon from him and having concerned agencies from capturing Wynn. Before leaving, Clown orders Wynn to his best soldier Al Simmons. Wynn questions Clown, who throws a tantrum about people always asking 'why'.

After five years, Spawn is wakened by Clown in the alleys of Rat City. Once Spawn arrives at his old home from his previous life, Clown is seen doing tricks and entertaining Cyan and her friends at her party. Spawn starts to have visions of Wanda and collapses to the ground. Cyan runs up to him and offers him candy, Wanda quickly rushes up to her and calls for Terry. Clown notices this and makes an excuse and is asked to leave by Terry. Somewhere back in the alleys, Clown walks back to Spawn with junk food and complaining about Malebolgia having him as a clown. While annoying and hitting him, Clown shows Spawn a flashback of him being killed by Wynn and Jessica Priest. He also shows him where his master Malebolgia bargaining Spawn. Clown then tells Spawn he wants him to kill Wynn and he'll have Wanda back.

As Spawn tries to leave, Clown grabs him and takes him to the graveyard and shows him his tombstone. After making Spawn drag up his own grave, he finds a necklace that has a photo of him and Wanda and starts having memories of them together. While Clown continuing to taunt Spawn of being killed and sent to Hell, three Satanic punks approached them. Once Spawn hits one of them, he activities his armor, making the punks run away. They returned to the alleys and leaves Spawn to take care of other 'details'.

At the party, after Spawn kills Priest, Clown dresses up as a waiter and walks up to Priest's corpse and congratulates Spawn on killing the assassin. In the aftermath, Wynn becomes furious at Clown not telling him about Simmons' return. Clown asked him how's he doing his part of the bargain, Wynn says that Heat-16 asks Clown about why Simmons is involved in this. Clown tells him not to worry and convinces Wynn to have the Heat-16 device to attach to his heart. After their conversation, Wynn secretly plans to kill Clown after their deal is done.

Once Spawn meets Cyan and takes her back to Wanda, Clown appears in a cheerleader uniform and dancing while singing about Spawn being #1. However, Malebolgia teleports him back to Hell and is furious tells him to make sure Spawn keeps his end of the bargain. Clown replies that he should lead Hell's army but stops once Malebolgia grabs by his jacket. Malebolgia tells him that Spawn must choose to murder Wynn so the virus can be released on Earth and then complete his army.

While Wynn having the Heat-16 device attached near his heart, Clown is sitting in another room watching the operation and eating worms, talking about how he convinces Wynn to get the surgery.

Back in the alleys, Clown confronts Spawn and transforms into his true form. Spawn shoots the monster, but with no effect, Violator grabs him and pushes him onto the concrete. Spawn shoots Violator in the chest and both of them break the concrete and fall into the alleys. Once Spawn got up, he sees Violator impaled by an electrical panel. As Spawn was getting another weapon, Violator disappears and grabs Zack's father and starts to beat him. Violator throws the bum at Spawn and vanishes once again. While searching for him, Spawn finds Spaz's collar on the ground. Violator appears and smashes Spawn to the wall, and throws him to the gates. Violator transforms back into his clown form and celebrates his victory. Clown continues to taunting Spawn him and Wanda before leaving him alone.

After Spawn continues his training and leaves the alleys to seek vengeance against Wynn, Clown chases with a truck to get him to work up enough to kill Wynn. Clown then appears on top of the truck and uses a generate launcher to fire at Spawn, but misses. Once Spawn uses his powers to shield himself, Clown releases "necro-goo" onto the streets, causing Spawn to slip and fall to the ground. Once Spawn gets up, he notices Clown driving up to hit him, making him use his cape as a shield. When the truck explodes, Clown is sending to the air and states he'll meet Spawn at Wanda's place.

After Terry sends a copy of Heat-16 to the XNN Anchor Natalie through an email, Wynn takes Wanda and Cyan as hostages and destroys Terry's computer before it could send the email. Clown arrives and informs Wynn of Spawn's arrival.

With his plan falls apart, the deceased Wanda revealed to be Clown disguising as the wife and the whole plan was to have Spawn kill Wynn to start the apocalypse. Once the frustrated Clown attempts to kill both Spawn and Wynn and devoured Wanda, Cogliostro appears and cuts Clown's left shoulder, causing him to return back to Hell. Once they got there, Violator approaches Cogliostro, and the two engaged in battle. Spawn catches up to them and is thrown by Violator to another platform. Once Violator grabs Spawn and try to kill him, he uses a hand blade-like to stab the monster, causing Violator to vanish. After they escape from Malebolgia and his forces, a final battle ensues with Violator merges out of the wall and attacks Spawn. He tries to devour the Spawn, only for him to be injured by the latter by using his armor to impaled his mouth and decapitating him with his chains. Violator's head inverts back to his clown form and starts to taunts and threatens the group while being melted before returning to Hell.


Oh, yes we are... Master and I are going to have words. He knows I hate clowns. God, I hate 'em. I hate 'em all. Ronald, Bozo, Chuckles... with their freakin' dumb noses and their lousy party hats. I don't mind being short, fat, and ugly, but the pay sucks.
~ The Clown
How come Heaven gets all the good fellas, and we're left the retards?
~ The Clown
Wynn and Wanda sitting in the tree, S-U-C-K-I-N-G.
~ The Clown
Why must you people always question?! Why, why, why? When how is so much more fun.
~ The Clown to Wynn.
There you are. I've been looking everywhere for you. Bad crispy. BAD crispy. Clown not like.
~ The Clown to Spawn.
Come on, fry-boy. Can't keep that side-order of potato salad waiting now can we?
~ The Clown to Spawn.
Spawn: What's happening to me?
Clown: Nothing. Nothing. Just your necro-flesh going through its larval stage. Soon you're gonna get hair in funny places and gonna start thinking about girls.
~ Spawn and Clown.
Spawn: Take me to a hospital.
Clown: A hospital? Have you seen yourself lately? Burnt man walking. Not even the entire cast of "E.R." could put you back together.
~ Spawn and Clown.
Every time someone farts, a demon gets his wings. Oh, twins.
~ The Clown.
I love the smell of burning asphalt in the morning.
~ The Clown
You're dead. D-E-D. Dead.
~ The Clown to Spawn.
Clown: Spawn was ready sooner than I expected, so don't get your panties in a wad. Always bitching at me... 'Why didn't you tell me about Simmons?' 'Why didn't you tell me it was going to hurt?' 'Am I going to go to Hell?' Oh, grow up, you sniveling ninny. At least you had fun compared to them.
Wynn: Fun? Does this look like Playland to you?
Clown: No.
Wynn: No, he killed Jessica. He damn near killed me.
Clown: You say that like it's a bad thing.
~ Clown and Wynn.
I say destroy the cosmos, ask questions later. But first... ...first, I wanna slaughter each and every one of you. And then I wanna have a little creme de Wanda. I'm gonna let you watch, too. Yummy yum. Umm, tastes like chicken.
~ The Clown's plan.


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