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The ViraBots are the secondary antagonists of Animator vs. Animation V. They are a species of dangerous and violent computer viruses created by the Dark Lord that enter the computer undetected and wreck havoc once inside. They were also planned to attack seven internet platforms/websites - YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Wikipedia, Twitch and Discord.



ViraBots were created by the Dark Lord as a new way of spreading destruction and chaos across the internet. The Dark Lord intended to infect and destroy every computer in the world. However, the Dark Lord's former partner, the Chosen One, realizes the Dark Lord has gone too far and tries to stop it. The two fight and the machine that distributes the viruses is destroyed, but not before a single copy of ViraBot is sent to the Animator's computer. The Chosen One, in an attempt to stop the ViraBot, goes after it.

Animator vs. Animation V

Soon, the Animator and the Second Coming are seen animating and having fun when the Animator notices that his computer is overheating. He opens the Task Manager to discover a virus on his computer. He and The Second Coming try to end the task, but are locked out. They enter the menus to find the virus has corrupted the applications and files, and will not let them access the Control Panel or Antivirus. The two then discover the virus' icon on the Desktop and try to delete it, but nothing works. The Second Coming has the Animator draw it a hammer, and begins rapidly hitting the icon.

However, the icon takes no damage. Instead, it hatches open like an egg and releases ViraBot. The Second Coming tries to hit it, but ViraBot steals the hammer away and bites it, corroding it away into nothing but data. It then attacks The Second Coming, but the Animator saves it by trapping it in barriers. ViraBot corrodes the barriers away, but is then hit by a rocket drawn by The Second Coming. The Second Coming draws more rockets, but ViraBot dodges them and then defends itself by throwing spiked projectiles at the missiles, corroding them away. The Second Coming draws a giant fly swatter and the Animator swats ViraBot with it. As it is down, the Animator and The Second Coming try to draw a bazooka, but ViraBot gets back up, destroys the swatter and bazooka, and steals The Second Coming's pencil and eats it. It tries to attack The Second Coming again, but the Animator grabs it and begins repeatedly slamming it with the window. The Second Coming gets away and gets its allies Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow to help. ViraBot escapes and attacks the stick figures in the internet browser, but the Animator saves them. However, ViraBot destroys his cursor and blocks his access to the Control Panel, cutting him off from his computer and forcing him to do nothing but watch.

The stick figures gang up on ViraBot and begin beating it up, but ViraBot soon turns the tides against them and begins soundly handling them all itself. It produces a glue-like webbing, and sticks Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow to a wall. It traps The Second Coming's foot in webbing, then grows dagger, like spikes on its appendages and slowly approaches, ready to murder The Second Coming.

As ViraBot tries to attack, and explosion suddenly forces it back and a portal emerges from the smoke. ViraBot, The Second Coming, the stick figures, and the Animator look on with shock as the Chosen One emerges from the portal, then faces ViraBot. The two brandish their weapons, then jump to fight each other.

The Chosen One attacks with fire while ViraBot attacks with blades and spikes, but the Chosen One is able to keep pace with the barrage of attacks and projectiles and block and dodge them all. ViraBot eventually hits the Chosen One with a series of spikes, but the Chosen One seems resistant to their corrosive powers. ViraBot jumps in for the kill, and the Chosen One defends itself with its laser beams. The Chosen One corners ViraBot, and the virus esapes into the computer's system. It then takes control of the windows and menus of the computer and proceeds to beat up the Chosen One with them. ViraBot then breaks the windows and turns the pieces into a giant version of itself, and proceeds to bite and rapidly beat the Chosen One. The Chosen One, enraged, catches fire and summons lightning to fight the giant virus, attacking with a wave of energy that forces the virus out of the programs and back onto the desktop. The Chosen One then attacks it with a barrage of fire, lightning, wind, and energy, destroying it.

After The Chosen One and the Fighting Stick Figures leave the computer, Yellow and Blue explore the Dark Lord's shack, and they see an army of ViraBots in a huge hole.

Later on, when The Dark Lord is beaten up by The Chosen One and the Animator, it summons all of its ViraBots, which eventually destroy the Animator's cursor. They later slowly start biting the Chosen One before The Dark Lord orders the remains of the ViraBots to invade the internet. However, the Second Coming awakens its superpowers and attacks the ViraBots, killing some of them. The Dark Lord orders the remaining ViraBots to attack, but the Second Coming kills all of the ViraBots with ease. The Dark Lord is defeated or killed afterwards.


ViraBots are sadistic and violent computer viruses that seem to not want anything more than just to destroy and hurt. Though they seem to be feral beasts at first, one of them shows that they take pleasure in what they do and desire to cause as much chaos as they can. When they think they have their foes beaten, they might take their time to finish them off and mockingly sharpen their blades while approaching. They appear to be wrathful and cruel, not relenting in their attacks and always seeking to do as much damage as they can to the environment and those around it.





  • When a ViraBot enters the internet browser, its mere presence opens several fraudulent and presumably virus-laden tabs.
  • A ViraBot does not need to use it's mandibles to delete something, a mere wave of it's leg or arm would work.
  • It can infect and control tabs, and use them to create shapes or a gargantuan version of itself.