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I am the Weapon Keeper of Heaven
~ Virgil to a store owner.
Excuse me?
~ The owner before Virgil knocks him out.
It's my job
~ Virgil when he shoots the man.

Virgil, described as a frightening angelic hitman, is the main antagonist in the Supernatural episode The French Mistake.


Virgil possessed an unknown human host (possibly one of the Russian Mafia, going by his looks) and he obtained many human weapons as well as angelic ones in his quest to kill Castiel. He was sent by Raphael to kill his enemy Castiel and rule Heaven.

Virgil pursues Sam and Dean into a hidden dimension when Balthazar the angel throws them through the

Virgil before killing Misha Collins

portal, but Virgil follows the brothers. On this parallel Earth, Virgil goes on a murder spree, killing innocent humans alike, one of the men he kills is Misha Collins, who coincidentally plays Castiel. Virgil told Misha he needed to make the Goblet of Blood call, and he "prayed to God that it would even get through" expressing disdain for the universe he was in.

After contacting Raphael after killing Misha, he kills Eric Kripke the creator of Supernatural, then he goes round gunning down the staff, before Sam and Dean round on him and punch him out. Virgil tries to blow up the brothers but his angelic powers are gone, and this shocks him so much Dean says before he knocks him out: "No magic in the house!"

Having been defeated by the brothers who escape back home to the world, Virgil is now trapped in the alternate reality while bereft of power and presumably jailed for his murders.


  • Ironically, him being trapped ended up saving his life as Castiel would kill all of Raphael's followers after proclaiming himself God.