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Now the first time you kill somebody, that's the hardest. I don't give a sh-t if you're f-ckin' Wyatt Earp or Jack the Ripper. Remember that guy in Texas? The guy up in that f-ckin' tower that killed all them people? I'll bet you green money that first little black dot he took a bead on, that was the bitch of the bunch. First one is tough, no f-ckin' foolin'. The second one... the second one ain't no f-ckin' Mardis Gras either, but it's better than the first one 'cause you still feel the same thing, y'know... except it's more diluted, y'know, it's... it's better. I threw up on the first one, you believe that? Then the third one... the third one is easy, you level right off. It's no problem. Now... sh-t... now I do it just to watch their f-ckin' expression change.
~ Virgil on killing people.

Virgil is a supporting antagonist in the 1993 action-romance film True Romance. He is an enforcer working for mobster "Blue" Lou Boyle and his consigliere Vincenzo Coccotti, tasked with taking back Boyle's cocaine from Clarence Worley and his wife Alabama, who have stolen it.

He was portrayed by the late James Gandolfini, who also portrayed Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, Kenny Kane in The Mighty, Ben Pinkwater in Terminal Velocity, and Eddie Poole in 8mm.


Virgil goes to Los Angeles on orders from his boss, gangster "Blue" Lou Boyle, to retrieve $500,000 worth cocaine stolen from Boyle by Clarence Worley and his wife Alabama. He goes to Worley's hotel room and surprises Alabama, who is instinctively afraid of him despite his initial polite charm. He asks Alabama to pose for him, which she does; he then hits her in the face and beats her bloody. He takes a break to smoke a cigarette as Alabama lays bleeding on the floor, and relates to her that it is hard to kill someone for the first time, but that murder gets easier the more one commits it. He then finds the cocaine hidden under the bed.

As he gathers up the cocaine, he sees Alabama get up and try to attack him with a corkscrew. Amused by her defiance, he offers to let her stab him once "for free" and opens his shirt for her. Much to his surprise, however, she stabs him in the foot and scrambles away as he reels from the pain. Enraged, he attacks her, and they get into a brief but bloody struggle. Finally, she sets him on fire with a makeshift blowtorch consisting of a lighter and a bottle of hairspray. He collapses on the floor, and Alabama beats his head in with the lid of a toilet tank.


  • Despite being a supporting antagonist of the movie, Virgil has more screen time than the film's main villain, Vincenzo Coccotti.


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