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Virginio Orsini was an Italian condottiero and the head of the powerful Orsini family in the Canal+ series Borgia.

Orsini was played by the Czech actor Miroslav Táborský 

He was noted for his dislike of the Borgia Family both before and after Rodrigo Borgia became Pope Alexander VI. He was initially a vassal of the Kingdom of Naples and the Papal Throne.

Tipped off by Marcantonio Colonna that his wife was a bit too friendly with Juan Borgia, Orsini walked in on the pair making love. Juan quickly grabbed his clothes and high tailed it out of the house, leaving Orsini alone with his wife. Orsini proceeded to promptly smash his wife's skull with a fire poker and coldly left his wife's dead body to be attended to by his servants. Upon learning of this the future Pope Alexander VI shrugged and said to fine Orsini.

Orsini would later hole up in his stronghold at Bracciano. The arrogant Juan launched a frontal assault on the stronghold, resulting in a devastating defeat for the Papal armies. Orsini sent a donkey to Juan that had a sign declaring it to be the prefect of Rome hanging about its neck. In order to humiliate him Virginio also shoved a note up the donkey's rear end stating that he could shove whatever he wanted up Juan's rear end.

Orsini later betrayed Pope Alexander VI, taking the side of King Charles VIII of France against him. Orsini and his son would later be thrown in prison by Alexander VI. After he was released Alexander extended an olive branch to him through his mistress Giulia Farnese.

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