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Twisted in the end...!
~ The Vise Jamen's final words before his death.

The Vise Jamen is a vise-based Jamenshi of Dark Empire Yodonheim and is one of the two antagonists (the other is Vise Shellga) in episode 3 of the 2020 TV series Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

He is voiced by Yūichi Iguchi who previously voiced Gatton Bugster from 2017 TV series called Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.


The Vise Jamen made his first appearance on planet Earth as he witness the civilians doing they're usual needs, so he used his own ability and open fired on the civilians as they were given huge C-Clamps on their heads and then he used his crank handle on counterclockwise on it as the humans groan in pain by the Jamenshi. Thankfully the Kiramager showed up as they transformed and battle the Jamenshi along with a couple of Bechats that he'd summoned.

Once the Bechats are destroyed Sena rapidly ran towards the Vise Jamen as she turns the clockwise thus freeing the civilians from their headaches. However during the sword fight against the Vise Jamen he made Shiguru look in the direction that's pointing and then used his ability and open fired on him. After that the Vise Jamen then retreats.

A while later he then arrived arrived at his home planet to inform the situation to Carantula. He then appeared on Earth as he gives more pain onto the humans to produce more darkness thankfully Sena arrived and just like before she then clockwise on the Vise Jamen to free his captive. However things were looking a bit bleak for Kiramai Blue, but thankfully Juru has an idea as he used one of the actors role in order to prevent Shiguru from fighting until they get the crank handle back from the Vise Jamen. With that said they used their finisher called Kiramai Rush Stream and open fire on the Vise Jamen causing the crank handle to detach from his head as both he and Kiramagers began a tug of war with it.

After that Kiramai Blue was freed from the vise as both he and Vise Jamen has begun their duel properly without any trickery from the Vise Jamenshi. After that the Vise Jamen is then destroyed by this finisher calle Blue Bright Slash.


  • He is the first tool-themed monster since the Advanced Yokai Nue from 2015 TV series called Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.


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