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The Visitor is a highly powerful demon serving as a major villain in the third season of Netflix's Castlevania cartoon adaptation. It is first presented as a demon taken captive by Prior Sala to open a gateway towards Hell and resurrect Count Dracula, but is in fact a construct created by Isaac, who corrupted the entire priory and used them as a smoke-screen.

The Visitor is notable for being exclusive to the series, not being based on any monster from the game.


The Visitor is a gigantic, demonic construct, described as a creature of the Night. It walks on all six of its limbs and acts like a feral, violent beast who never speaks, and even its real name is never disclosed.

Nevertheless, it displays sentience and a notable level of intelligence, pretending to be a captive being used while it is the real captor, until it has everyone and everything it needs under its complete control.

It is made of the souls of the recently murdered, that manifest all over its body as ghastly, tormented faces. The more souls it absorbs, the mightier it grows. It has enormous strength, greater speed and agility than its size suggests, and it is able to extend its limbs and increases their bulk, or to breathe powerful streams of fire.

However, its most dangerous powers are its ability to corrupt the heart of people in its vicinity, and its control of the dimensional gateway known as the Infinite Corridor.

It took profit of Sala's crisis of faith to twist him into a worshipper of Dracula and his subordinates into murderous fanatics. It can open the Infinite Corridor and use it to summon beings from different dimensions. After linking it to Hell, the Visitor could have brought Dracula back to unlife.


The Visitor first appears when the seemingly immortal scholar and magician Saint Germain sneaks into the Priory of the city of Lindlefield, suspecting the monks to be linked to the demons that have been plaguing it.

Horrified, he discovers the Visitor crucified in the Priory's basement, in a twisted parody of Jesus Christ. He escapes, using clever wording to divert Sala's suspicion and escape. Doing so, he learns from Sala the Visitor's nature and origin.

Saint Germain later allies with the main heroes, the whip-wielding vampire hunter Trevor Belmont and the magician girl Sypha Belnades to storm the priory, just as the monks have destroyed most of the city with sorcery and unleashed its horde of night demons.

Only now do they realize that the Visitor was only playing prisoner, and is the real brain behind Sala's twisted plot. It has just opened the Infinite Corridor into a gateway towards Hell, which Sala is using to reach for Dracula, clinging to his beloved wife Lisa. Empowered by the souls of everyone in Lindlefeld, the Visitor brings forth a large number of very powerful demons, all monsters from the core series' video-games, but Sypha is able to destroy them all.

Trevor engages the Visitor, who keeps healing its wounds and holds its own against the mighty hunter. But Saint Germain embeds a magic stone he had in his possession in one of the demon's many eyes, causing the Infinite Corridor to lead towards the place where he once lost his beloved partner. Saint Germain jumps into the Corridor which closes behind him, and Trevor uses all his power to reduce the Visitor to dust.


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