Vita is a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack. She is a soldier in the Rebel Army who was badly injured in an unknown mission and rebuilt by the scientist Navy as a cyborg.

Vita sees herself as a cog that must perform its duties, and does not mind sacrificing herself for the Rebel Army's cause.


Extra Ops

Signal Red

Vita was sent by General Donald Morden to stop the Professor's Martian Brain Robot. Vita fights and manages to destroy the robot before being attacked by the Professor in his mecha. Vita then knocks the Professor out of his mecha, but ultimately chooses to spare him.

Next One

Vita controlled a Nova clone and used it in an attempt to stop the Regular Army's Slug Gigant MK II machine.

Another Story

The Sand Kingdom and the Golden Hero

Vita was sent by Abigail to oversee Assy Nero after Abul Abbas borrowed it from them. She confronted Regular Army soldiers, Eri and Fio in a tunnel to battle them. While she at first had the upper hand in the fight, El Dorado appeared and gave Eri the Slug Gunner, evening things out to an equal playing field.

Vita then fought Eri in a close battle that ultimately ended in her being defeated. The cyborg attempted to self destruct, but was called back before she could do so.

Vita was then ordered by Abigail to retrieve the core of the Assy Nero. Disappointed that Abul had allowed the Assy Nero to be badly damaged, Abigail revoked his control of Vita. Abul pleaded with Vita to save him, but she calculated that there was only a 20% chance of saving Abul before being intercepted by the Regular Army and decided to abandon him.


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