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Vitaly Rzeznik is one of the supporting antagonists of Crackdown. He is a security director of Shai-Gen.


Vitaly Rzeznik, Security Director for the Shai-Gen Corporation, runs a private paramilitary group to defy the nation's official armed forces.

His Enforcers overwatch the Corridor clean within their judicious use of cutting-edge equipment and expertise combined with exceptional Analyst intelligence.

After death

Rzeznik's death at the hands of the Agent has created disenssion among the Enforcers. Their destabilization is a matter of course. Shai-Gen is forfeiting its handle on life in the Corridor, and public trust is growing fast.


Vitaly Rzeznik is extrememly a paranoid and charismatic mastermind and security director. His trust solely ever prolonged to Melissa Fang-Yin, definitely blinded by her beauty and intellect. He exceptionally quits his office on the top floor of a fortress-like Security Complex overlook at the east side of the Corridor.

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