Vitch was a villainous young rat in the Redwall series book Mattimeo as well as the second season of the TV series.

He worked for Slagar the Cruel as a spy and slavedriver and had a particular hatred for Mattimeo, the son of Matthias the Warrior. When Mattimeo and his friends were captured by Slagar and his gang of vermin slavers, Vitch took the opportunity to torment his chained enemy all along the journey. Mattimeo hated him for this, and often fought back, to which Vitch would run away, being a coward. Despite being chained, Mattimeo still beat him up, and Slagar threatened to chain him if he didn't keep quiet.

When Slagar and his band reached the Bell and Badger rocks, he deserted his vermin gang, taking the only Vitch with him to the underground lair of Malkariss. While there, Slagar betrayed Vitch and gave him to Malkariss as a slave. But later when the underground kingdom crumbled, Slagar and Vitch escaped, and the cruel fox killed the little rat by choking him to death with his bolas.


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