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You know something, Carlo? For the last ten years, all I done was kill. I killed for my country (shoots Carlo in the leg) I killed for my family (shoots Carlo in the back) I killed anybody that got in my way (shoots Carlo in the shoulder) But this one... this one's for me. (shoots Carlo in the head) F***ing prick.
~ Vito killing Carlo Falcone.
We talk about making money, but what it comes down to is respect.
~ Vito in Mafia III.

Vittorio Antonio "Vito" Scaletta is one of the main characters in the Mafia video-game series, appearing as the player character and main protagonist of the 2010 videogame Mafia II, and one of the three tritagonists in the 2016 sequel Mafia III. He is also a minor antagonist in the epilogue of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven and its remake Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Vito is a mobster who becomes a made man for the Falcone crime family alongside his best friend Joe Barbaro. During the events of the third game, an older Vito teams up with new player character Lincoln Clay in order to take down the Marcano Crime Family.

Due to the amount of games Vito has been in and due to his many involvements within the franchise's narrative, he could be considered the overall main protagonist of the Mafia series as a whole.

He was voiced by Bill Buell in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, and Rick Pasqualone onward, including the remake, Mafia: The Definitive Edition.


Mafia II

Vito was born in Messina, Sicily in 1925 to a very poor family. His father took his family, which also had Vito's mother and sister Frankie, and they moved to America and to a city called Empire Bay. But even there they could not escape poverty, and his father mostly spent his money for boozing.

Vito met Joe Barbaro, and together they got into a life of crime. However, bad luck hit Vito in 1943 when he was caught stealing and arrested when aged eighteen. He chose to join U.S. Army in the Italian campaigns rather than go to prison. He assisted in the invasion of Sicliy. In 1945, he took a bullet by a Nazi soldier and was given sick leave and returned home. Joe managed to get a man to create fake documents to state that Vito wouldn't return to the army.

Needing to pay off his father's debts which ended up becoming his mother and sister's priority after his dad's death, Vito begins to get involved in the Clemente Crime Family who Joe is working with. Vito manages to earn the two thousand dollars to pay off the debt, but is arrested for selling illegal gas stamps and sentenced to ten years in prison. While in prison he meets gangster Leo Galante and forms a friendship with him, and Vito serves only six years after Leo pulls some strings.

Twenty-six years later in 1951, Vito joins the Falcone Crime Family after his release from prison, who Joe joined up with after the Clemente's betrayed him and Vito. Vito becomes a made man after Leo Galante recommended him, despite Leo initially wanting Vito to join the Vinci Crime Family, and they both take down the Clemente family for good when taking down the boss and his right hand man. Vito then puts in a good word for ex-Clemente soldier and friend Henry Tomasino, who is accepted into the family.

But when Henry and Joe plan to make cash on the side by drug dealing, Vito is skeptical as he was warned by another high respected mob boss Frank Vinci that dope was bad. However, he agreed netherless and they began to get involved with Chinese drug dealers. But the Triads turned against them and butchered Henry in the park, which ended up with Vito and Joe killing many triads including enforcer Zhe Yun Wong who claimed that Henry was a federal agent. This causes a war between the Triads and the mafia families after blaming them for the deaths of the Triad members. Joe and Vito also end up in a large debt after borrowing from a loan shark for the deal. They take many jobs, especially an assassination of ex-gangster and informant Tommy Angelo. Vito gets a job at the docks from Vinci Capo and Union Boss Derek Pappalardo involving a union strike caused by some of the dockwokers, one of which tells Vito that Derek was responsible for the death of Vito's father. The enraged Vito massacres Derek, his enforcer Steve and his gangsters. Joe and Vito are then kidnapped by Vinci's men as Frank tries to find out what is going on, but they both massacre a load of Vinci's men and escape. Vito pays back the loan shark, finding out he was also the loan shark his father borrowed from, but decided to walk away.

Vito was called by Underboss Eddie to meet boss Carlo at his Planetarium. While heading there, Vito is told to get into a limo by a mobster, which has Leo and the Traid's boss inside. They tell him that the only way he would walk was if he killed Carlo, who they are scared will rat everyone out when arrested. Vito agrees and heads straight to the Planetarium, where Carlo waits and tries to convince Joe to kill Vito on the agreement he will be given the role of a Capo. But Joe decides against the idea and assists Vito in taking down Carlo.

When leaving, Vito and Joe come across Leo and many gangsters waiting for them. Leo asks Vito to join him in a separate car as there is "more to talk about". Joe gets into another car, which takes him to a different direction. When Vito panics and asks Leo where the mobsters are taking Joe, Leo apologizes and states that Joe wasn't part of their deal, and realization of the situation hits Vito, shocked that his long-life friend would be dead.

Mafia III

Due to murdering a large portion of the triads, Vito was exiled from Empire Bay and through a deal negotiated by Leo, went to live in New Bordeaux. He began working for the Marcano Crime Family run by Sal Marcano and is given a district of the city known as River Row. Marcano isn't happy with the arrangement, and only did it out of respect to Galante. 17 years later in 1968, Marcano decides to have Vito killed and give the district to Marcano's nephew-in-law Michael Grecco, however he ends up being rescued by Lincoln Clay. Out of respect to Lincoln, Vito joins up with him as one of his underbosses alongside Cassandra and Thomas Burke and they work together to wipe out the Italian mafia and take over the criminal operations in the city.


Due to the multiple choices on the player's part during the campaign, Vito's fate can differ depending on their actions.

Victims and Kills

Mafia II

  • Fascist Lieutenant - Shot in the head
  • Fascist Soldiers - Shot, killed with grenade, mauled
  • Bombers Gangsters - Shot, killed with throw-able weapons, mauled, ran over
  • OPA Guards (optional) - Silently killed
  • Irish Mobsters - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons
  • Mall Guards - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons
  • The Fat Man's Guards - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons
  • Sidney Pen - Shot
  • Brian O'Neill - Throat slit with shiv
  • Greasers - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons, ran over
  • Sammy - Shot several times
  • Clemente Mobsters - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons, silently killed
  • Irish Mobsters - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons, ran over
  • Mickey Desmond - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons, ran over
  • The Fake Cops - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons
  • Unknown Gangsters - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons, ran over
  • Triad Mobsters - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons, silently killed
  • Chinese Bartender - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons
  • Chinese Kitchen Workers - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons
  • Derek's men - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons, ran over
  • Steve Coyne - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons, ran over
  • Derek Pappalardo - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons
  • Vinci Gangsters - Shot, mauled, silently killed
  • Falcone Mobsters - Shot, mauled, killed with throw-able weapons
  • Carlo Falcone - Shot in the knee, back, shoulder and then head

Mafia III


I sure as hell ain't gonna make the same mistakes my old man did. I need to pay off his debts then get back on my feet and get my own place. I need real money and punching a clock ain't gonna cut it.
~ Vito.
This wasn't how I imagined it when we were starting out. I dreamed of money, cars, women, respect, freedom. I guess I ended up getting all that, more or less; but along with it came prison, living in constant fear, and the blood of my friends.
~ Vito.
F--k. F--k! Do you know how long I've been waitin' for someone to stand up an' be a man of his word? And in all my days, YOU, Lincoln Clay, are the first motherf--ker to do it. Thank you.
~ VIto to Lincoln on destroying the Marcano crime family.
After all the bulls**t, it's almost impossible for me to wrap my brain around the fact that we actually DID it! You're a fuckin' saint, Lincoln. An' I'm honored to know you.
~ Vito praising Lincoln for stopping Sal Marcano.
F--k you!
~ Vito to Lincoln in the betrayal mission (determinant).


Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Mafia III

Mafia: Definitive Edition


  • Vito and Joe Barbaro have appeared in all four games in the main series, having appeared in the original Mafia (as unnamed hitmen), Mafia II, Mafia III (although Joe was just a non-speaking cameo) and the 2020 remake of Mafia titled Mafia: Definitive Edition.
  • Except Jimmy (who has no role in the actual main storyline and canon), Vito is the only character who has interacted with every other playable Mafia protagonist; Tommy Angelo (from Mafia: City of Lost Heaven), Joe Barbaro (from the Mafia II DLC, Joe's Adventures) and Lincoln Clay (from Mafia III).

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