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Vivian is an intermediary for the Damocles organization and the secondary antagonist of the 2019 Netflix movie Polar. She is portrayed by Katheryn Winnick.


Seeking to collect on Duncan Visla's pension, Mr. Blut had Vivian hire Duncan to go perform a job in Belarus, planning for him to be killed there so he could take the money. However, Visla instead managed to kill the assassins sent to kill him and tricked Vivian into sending him half his payment for the job by not letting her know he had killed his target until after he received it.

Vivian advised Blut to just give Visla his payment and his pension, but Blut instead opted to send his A-Team after him. When Visla killed all of them, Vivian again advised Blut to pay Visla what he owes him and set Visla's friend Camille free but, declaring that it's "personal" now, Blut decides to keep going after Visla. After luring out Visla and drugging him, Blut captures him and tortures him in revenge. Visla manages to escape however and calls Vivian, offering his life in exchange for Camille's. Vivian approaches Blut with the offer, but Blut refuses and states that he will kill both of them. Blut then has Vivian talk with Visla on the phone so they can track his location. After pinpointing Visla's present location, Blut sends Vivian and a team of his men out to kill Visla.

Confronting Visla in an abandoned building, Vivian is offered by Visla to step out of the way and he won't kill her but Vivian doesn't take him up on his offering, believing him to be a dead man who has nothing to offer. Vivian then sends her men to kill Visla but Visla kills them all and critically injures Vivian with some advanced turrets he received from Jazmin. Vivian's fate is not seen afterward but it is highly possible that she succumbs to her lethal wounds as the bullet was shot through her heart and lung.