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You're weak Terry. You see, revenge is only sweet if you get away with it. You're on your own now!
~ Viv Bates denouncing her husband Terry as she leaves him to rot in prison for murdering his old protege Jase Dyer and being convicted for the crime in court.

Vivien "Viv" Bates is a fictional character from British BBC soap drama EastEnders. She appeared as a minor antagonist who is revealed to be the wife of arrogant gang lord and football hooligan leader Terry Bates.

Her major storyline involves hassling established character Billy Mitchell in order to try and get him and his adopted son Jay Brown to drop their testimony against Terry for the murder of Jay's father Jase Dyer, but fails in the end.

She was portrayed by actress Dina Miles, known for her role in TV show Doctors.


Vivien Bates is a standoffish and egotistical woman as well as the wife of notorious gang lord and football hooligan leader Terry Bates. At somepoint, she meets up with local resident Billy Mitchell at the Queen Victoria Pub. She starts intimidating Billy in order to extort money from him, admitting that she will hurt his adoptive kid Jay Brown if he doesn't pay up. Billy later gives Vivien the money she wanted and leaves him.

By then, Terry has brutally murdered Jay's father Jase Dyer during a brawl at his own home with Billy cowardly hiding in the bathroom with a bat, fearing for his life. Terry and his gang are arrested afterwards. During the trial, Terry has pleaded not guilty for the murder of Jase and has Viv summon his gang led by his right-hand man Bird to stop both Billy and Jay from terrifying against him. Viv complies and begins to threaten Billy at the same time as he is being blackmailed by his old enemy Nick Cotton, who had discovered the events behind Jase's death.

With Billy's hardman cousin Phil Mitchell in the midst of undergoing alcoholism, Billy finds himself forced to deal with Terry on his own and tells Jay the truth about his father's death. Jay resents Billy but eventually forgives him after Billy rescues Jay from being attacked by Terry's gang, sent by Viv under her husband's instructions. Viv and Terry are later surprised when Billy arrives in court and gives out his testimony. Afterwards, Viv watches from the court as Terry is found guilty for Jase's murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Later on, Terry summons Viv to have Bird hunt down Billy and Jay in a last-ditch attempt to get revenge on them. However, by this point Viv has had enough of the trouble Terry has caused and denounces him by stating she doesn't take orders from him anymore. Terry responds by threatening his wife, but Viv calls him weak and throws the wedding ring at him - telling Terry that he is on his own for now. Having divorced her husband, Viv leaves Terry to rot in prison and departs the square as well.


Vivien reprised her role in 2019, where she organizes a funeral for her dead husband Terry with help from Jay's best-friend and adopted brother Ben Mitchell. At first Ben refuses shortly before Jay then walks in to see Terry's deceased body in a coffin, which makes him shocked and anguished by this discovery to the point where he storms off afterwards. However, Jay and Ben have both agreed to Vivien that he will bury Terry to put the past behind the. Vivien shakes hands with Ben, walking off out of the funeral and stares at Jay just before she leaves Walford. Vivien is never seen afterwards.



  • She made a total of 4 appearances during her time on the show.