A trio ov vivix

A trio of Vivixes

Vivix are Sledge’s standard foot soldiers and recurring villains in Power Rangers Dino Charge, its sequel Power Rangers Dino Supercharge and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.


These weed-haired, masked monsters were recruited by Sledge as his foot soldiers in the past and fought alongside him and their officers Spikeballs. It’s not specified the exact number of these foot soldiers, but given that Sledge always have a plenty of them in his ship more than the ones that deployed either to hunt down Energems or other outlaws, it was much more likely that there are thousands of them. Another possible reasons why there are so many Vivixes in Sledge’s ship was Wrench’s re-animator machine that he also possibly used to revived killed monsters, in which Vivixes may included.


In appearance, Vivixes are humanoid monsters dressed with white suits that has grey abstract-looking patters on the surface and mask with spiral pattern on the surface. Their standard-issue weapon is a blaster gun with built-in circular saw that can be used for melee confrontations.

In spite of their inability to speech human language unlike most monsters in Sledge's ship (as they only emit squeaking noise as means of communication), all Vivixes are loyal to their master and willing to do their said master's bidding, even if it includes fighting to death like other primary villains' foot soldiers. Though is obvious that they do have personality of their own, as when the ship crashed to Earth due to the battle with Rangers, at least one of them prefer to save its own skin by using an escape pod.


Vivizord rampaging PWDC


When needed, a group of Vivixes can merge into a kaiju-sized monster called Vivizords. In appearance, Vivizords have theropod-esque kaiju appearance with white skin that has spiral-like pattern on the surface like Vivixes’ suit, black spine and underbelly, green spikes on the spine, and Xenomorph-esque head with more lizard-like mouth. Instead of hands, they have smaller head each on the arms which can also used to clutch objects like normal hands do.


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