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Prepare yourself... for the Grand Finale.
~ Viz preparing to destroy Earth
Soon, this planet will be covered in a coat of ice. Yes...Because evil doers deserve a taste of their own evil!
~ Viz's ironic last words

Viz is the overarching antagonist of the Riddle School series, acting as the unseen overarching antagonist of the first four games, the main antagonist of Riddle School 5 and a posthumous antagonist in Riddle Transfer 1 and 2.

He is a villain who had decided himself the judge of all worlds, choosing planets, testing how evil they are, and if the meet his criteria, would then destroy said planets.


Viz is the head of Project Vizion, a project he created to pass judgement on the entire universe one planet at a time. He and his henchmen, Diz and Quiz, set up Zone 5.1 to observe humans on Earth before passing judgement. This would entail capturing cryptids and reserving them for study. After it was discovered that protagonist Phil Eggtree had snuck out of school, Viz used the act of truancy as a justification for destroying Earth.

In the game, he is revealed to have captured Phil and his three friends and held them in dream simulations aboard his spaceship throughout the events of the second, third, and fourth games of the series, which are retroactively revealed to have been dreams. When Phil manages to escape due to the actions of the treacherous Diz, he sets out to free his friends and stop Viz, who plans to freeze Earth with a giant freeze ray. Upon reaching Viz, the alien informs Phil that he will freeze the Earth while Phil is forced to watch. Viz gets in his ship (modeled after his own head), but Phil manages to redirect the freeze ray to hit the ship instead, which proceeds to shatter, killing Viz.

After Viz's death, Diz would try to take over the Vizion project and destroy Earth, but would be stopped by Phil and a reformed Quiz.



Viz was a very crazed and judgmental individual. He believed he was fit to pass judgement on the entire universe and decide which planets should be allowed to remain, while he destroyed the others. He had a ridiculously high standard for judging, believing that a single act of truancy was enough to justify destroying Earth. He was also a sadist, taking joy in the destruction of "evil" planets and wanting Phil to be forced to witness his planet being destroyed. Because of this, he could easily be considered a psychopath.


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