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Inside the hourglass is a marvel that no living man has seen. Alas, only the dagger can unlock the Sands of Time, and it belongs to a greater one than I. A young prince, dearer to his father than all the wealth of India. Perhaps he would oblige…
~ The Vizier manipulating the Prince into releasing the Sands of Time.

The Vizier is the traitorous adviser of the Maharajah and the main antagonist of the Prince of Persia videogame series as well as the archenemy of the Prince.

He was voiced by the late Barry Dennen in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (who also voiced Sun Li in Jade Empire), and Harry Standjofski in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.


Journey to the Island of Time

The Vizier was the chief adviser to the Maharajah of India, but was known to suffer from consumption. He was searching for a cure for his illness, he found out about the Island of Time, which was said to contain great marvels. The Vizier persuaded the Maharajah to go to the island with him and they found the Dagger of Time and an enormous hourglass containing the Sands of Time. The Vizier also discovered a staff that gave him magical abilities.

Infatuation with Sindra

At some point in time, the Vizier developed feelings for Saurva’s sister, Sindra, of the daevas. His infatuation became so great, he forced Saurva to steal the Box of One Thousand Restraints by threatening to kill his wife if he did not. When he returned with the box, after killing many Indian soldiers in the process, the Vizier killed his wife anyway and imprisoned Saurva and the daevas in the Box of One Thousand Restraints when Sindra refused him.

The Sands of Time

The Vizier desired the power that the Sands of Time offered, but both the Sands and the Dagger of Time were locked away in the Maharajah's treasure vaults. He plotted to steal both by secretly making an alliance with King Sharaman of Persia to overthrow the Maharajah, in exchange for his pick of his masters’ treasures. But the Vizier’s plan were upset when Sharaman's son, the Prince, took the Dagger of Time and the hourglass was given to the Sultan of Azad. But he bided his time and when the Sultan was captivated by the lights inside, the Vizier told him that they came from the marvels inside.

The Prince used the dagger to open the hourglass, unleashing the Sands of Time, which infected everyone, except the Prince, the Vizier, and the captured Princess Farah, thanks to items in their possession. The Prince and Farah formed an uneasy alliance and fled with the dagger. They then fought their way through the sand monsters as the headed for the Tower of Dawn where the Vizier had placed the hourglass in the hopes of returning the Sands of Time to it. The two succeeded, but Farah fell from the tower to her death and the Vizier offered the Prince immortality, but he refused and rewound time to back before the betrayal. He then went to Farah, who had no idea about the adventure they would have, and the Prince warned her of what would happen if she didn’t listen to him.

The Vizier appeared and attacked the Prince, at first saying that he was protecting Farah, but soon admitted his traitorous intents. As the fight began to end, he revealed his new plan, to kill the Prince and Farah then pit the Maharajah and Sharaman against each other. But the Prince managed to kill the Vizier and then gave the Dagger of Time back to Farah.


But the Prince later changed time to prevent Kaileena from dying and thus preventing the Sands of Time from being created. This made it so the battle between the Vizier and the Prince never happened and the Vizier never died at his hands. When he and the Maharajah went to the Island of Time, they found only the Dagger of Time, the empty hourglass, and books telling them the story of the Empress of Time. They returned to India, but a voice from the dagger called out to the Vizier, telling him to go to Babylon. The Maharajah refused to go to the city, so his adviser overthrew and killed him, taking control of his kingdom.

The Two Thrones

The Vizier led a Scythian army on the city of Babylon and made his way into the city palace, at the same time that the Prince and Kaileena were returning. They were separated when their boat was destroyed by a flaming catapult and Kaileena was taken by the Vizier’s soldiers. In the palace courtyard, the Vizier killed the Empress of Time with the Dagger of Time, unleashing the Sands of Time and then stabbed himself with the dagger. The sands were transferred into his body and infected all around him, including the Prince, who managed to resist the infection and escape with the dagger. The Vizier underwent a transformation into a strange, winged being and called himself Zurvan the god of time. He began to destroy what remained of his enemies and seek out the Prince. The Vizier later captured Farah and cast the Prince into the palace well system then planned to transform her into his immortal queen. But the Prince defeated him, finally finishing him with a stab from the Dagger of Time and as he died, he said "This is not what the dagger promised".


The Vizier is shown throughout the games to be a man who is obsessed with the concept of immortality and later godhood and willing to do anything in order to achieve it. He is shown to be rather intelligent and manipulative, as he plays two rulers against one another and later attempts to do the same to Prince in order to retrieve the dagger of time while promising to make him immortal in return. He is extremely traitorous towards anyone other than himself as he is willing to throw the entire world into chaos provided he gets what he desires. Later it emphasizes his desire for absolute power and control; after he absorbs the Sands of Time he decides to rename himself Zurvan and proclaims himself the God of Time. He does show some degree of delusion as he ultimately believed if he took over and made it to where everyone did as he wanted he could make everything progress at a faster rate thus making it better world.

Powers and Abilities

As a human, the Vizier possesses great magical powers such as creating copies of himself, courtesy of his staff, which can also be used as a melee weapon.

After becoming Zurvan, the Vizier gained powers over the Sands of Time and many godlike powers. He gained incredible telekinesis, immortality, the ability to transform others into Sand Creatures, the ability to fly, create storms, shoot out blast of energy and control over other Sand Creatures, along with superhuman strength, durability. It has been theorized he can manipulate Time itself this is never shown. He apparently allowed some of his followers to retain free will but others became mindless puppets hellbent on fulfilling his wish to control everything.


The Sands of Time

Your majesty, I trust you remember your promise. The Maharajah's treasure vaults lie within.
~ The Vizier approaching King Sharaman after letting the Persian army inside the Maharajah's palace.
Your majesty, you promised me my choice of the Maharajah's treasures. That dagger!
~ The Vizier asking King Sharaman to let him take the Dagger of Time from the Prince.
The Vizier: Give me the dagger.
The Prince: No.
The Vizier: You have unleashed the Sands of Time. I can undo what you have done. Give it to me!
~ The Vizier trying to take the dagger from the Prince after the latter has unleashed the Sands of Time.
The girl is unimportant! Give me the dagger, and I will give you power. Eternal life will be yours.
~ The Vizier trying to convince the Prince to relinquish the dagger when he finds the latter grieving over Farah's corpse.
~ The Vizier yelling right before the Prince performs the Grand Rewind.
A wild tale indeed. I have a simpler version. A Persian soldier, lusting for glory, entered the chambers of the Maharajah's daughter, and was slain by me.
~ The Vizier catching the Prince in Farah's bedchamber when the Prince has finished telling Farah what happened before he reversed time.
Your highness, for your own safety, I suggest you flee. I will handle this intruder.
~ The Vizier falsely reassuring Farah that he'll keep her safe from the Prince.
Farah: What sorcery is this? Stop this at once!
The Vizier: My lady, he came here to abduct you. Surely you do not believe him?
The Prince: He will betray you! All will happen as I have foretold!
The Vizier: How inventive. Do not forget he's a Persian soldier.
~ The Vizier denying the Prince's accusations of him planning to betray Farah and her people.
Your exertions are most amusing.
~ The Vizier mocking the Prince after the latter disperses the first copy of the former.
I have taken orders long enough from a senile fool and a sniveling brat!
~ The Vizier defying Farah's order to stop his fight with the Prince.
Your father was a great warrior in his youth, or so he would have the world believe. A pity his son does not take after him. Then again, perhaps father and son are alike? It would appear that both share a taste for easy plunder.
~ The Vizier mocking the Prince and his father.
Did you really think you could defeat me? (*coughs*)
~ The Vizier being defiant after the Prince disperses the second copy of the former.
And so it ends. How will the Maharajah feel when he finds his only daughter slain by the son of his enemy? Do you have any last words you wish me to communicate to the Princess, before I kill her? Words of love, perhaps?
~ The Vizier taunting the Prince one last time at the end of their duel.
I could have been… immortal!
~ The Vizier saying his last words in his dying breath.

The Two Thrones

Many years ago, I journeyed with the Maharajah of India to the Island of Time, intending to claim its secrets. What we discovered was a barren, ruined place, its halls deserted, and its guardians gone to sand. Strange tales adorned its walls, which spoke of an Empress. An Empress of Time. But of this enigmatic creature there was no trace. We returned to India with treasures none the less: a staff, a dagger, an empty hourglass covered in jewels, and books! Such secrets they contained, for even then I was an older man and knew that my time would soon be at an end. The books showed me that life eternal was not beyond my reach, but it required the essence of the Empress herself, the power of the Sands. But, you were gone, they were gone, or so I thought. I turned my attention towards… other pursuits and left that dream behind. But then, four weeks ago, the Dagger stirred! And showed me things, whispered to me in my sleep! It drew me here, towards Babylon! Alas, the Maharajah did not share my vision, would not grant me leave. So I slew him and claimed his kingdom, his army for my own! Nothing would stand between me and my desire!
~ The Vizier telling Kaileena about his visit to the Island of Time and what led to him killing the Maharajah and attacking Babylon.
Ah, you must be the Prince of Persia, come home at last. Too late, I'm afraid.
~ The Vizier mocking the Prince after the latter fails to save Kaileena from the former.
I believe I have something of yours…
~ The Vizier brandishing the Dagger of Time before using it to kill Kaileena.
A promise of power fulfilled! I will be immortal!
~ The Vizier gloating in triumph before stabbing himself with the the dagger to turn himself immortal.
I am Zurvan, God of Time! And I bear gifts; pain and suffering. Come closer that I might share these treasures with you!
~ The Vizier bearing down on the last defenders of Babylon.
I came offering power, and this is how you respond?! So be it. Join your brethren in the afterlife!
~ The Vizier finishing off one of the last Babylonian defenders who rejects his offer to join him.
The Vizier: Do not take another step! I am impressed you made it past my little welcoming party. Impressed, but also quite annoyed. You have robbed me of my strongest allies! It would be unfair of me not to return the favor! Farah will make an excellent queen, fit for a god! Although we will need to make some… modifications.
The Prince: Let her go!
The Vizier: (*laughs before dropping Farah*) You act as though you have a say in the matter… (*the Prince attempts to charge*) …which you don't! (*the Vizier crushes the bridge and sends the Prince falling into the abyss below*) Say hello to your father!
~ The Vizier capturing Farah and casting the Prince into the Well of Ancestors.
The Vizier: Now where did I put those books?
Farah: Zurvan?
The Vizier: What is it?
Farah: In case I don't get the chance again…
(*it looks like they're about to kiss, only for Farah to spit in the Vizier's face*)
The Vizier: You impudent pig! I offer you life eternal and this is how you respond?! Oh, I shall enjoy changing you. (*notices the Prince*) Hello, Prince. Not quite the homecoming you expected?
~ The Vizier having Farah at his mercy before the final battle with the Prince begins.
Why do you even try to harm me? I am immortal.
~ The Vizier sneering at the Prince's chances against him.
The Prince: You will pay for what you have done to my people!
The Vizier: Done to them? Things will be better now. You should thank me!
The Prince: They live among mindless monsters, in service to your madness!
The Vizier: It is the price of progress!
~ The Vizier trying to justify his actions to the Prince.
Quick and clever! You would have made a fine addition to my army. But adding you to my collection of corpses will have to suffice!
~ The Vizier admitting the Prince's battle prowess.
This is not what the dagger promised!
~ The Vizier crying out his final words before he's destroyed by a stab from the Dagger of Time.



  • Vizier shares some similarities with The Alchemist who happens to be another villain from the Prince of Persia franchise:
    • Both are obsessed with the concept of immortality to the point they are willing to unleash untold chaos on the world just so they can obtain eternal life.
    • Both are incredibly powerful magic users despite being (or possibly due to it) elderly individuals.
    • Both are surprisingly strong in terms of physical strength as show both can battle the protagonist known as Prince, on relatively even terms despite said man being in his physical prime.
  • Despite being the main antagonist of the entire trilogy, the Vizier became a Disc One Final Boss in The Two Thrones because, after he was killed off, the Dark Prince became the final boss.