Imperator Vlaana Azleea is main antagonist of game Ground Control II. ( Massive Entertainments ).

Vlaana is the Emperor's right hand, charged with bringing Morningstar Prime back under Imperial control. There are many such agents in the quadrant capturing other colonies, but Morningstar is the most important and therefore he has sent his most ruthless agent to do the job, even branding her face with his personal mark of favor.

In her mind, she has been tasked by her Emperor with a divine objective all of humanity must be united and those who resist are not worthy of existence. She follows the Imperial decree with an almost fanatical fervor: Give no pardon, no surrender. The end always justifies the means.

Few have seen her in person, and of those who have, few still live. To look into her cold, dark eyes usually means that you are about to be executed, unless you are one of her most trusted envoys. Shunning human contact, she mainly commands her forces through two agents, almost as ruthless as herself: Imperial Centurions Cezarus and Dracus . A ( false ) rumor often whispered among the lower ranks is that Vlaana doesn't really exist at all, but is a figurehead for these two commanders. Of course, she appeared in flashback, commanding orbital bombardment of Morningstar Prime.

Vlaana is known throughout the quadrant as "The Butcher Of Ariel". It is said that she, in an uncommon move, walked the battlefield in person on the colony of Ariel, indiscriminately slaughtering military and civilians alike.Terran Legionnaires even tell tales of her cutting down allied troops if they got in her path, causing all but the most battle-hardened Terran to shiver at the mention of her name.

G´hall Vi´cath served her for some time, before NSA ( Northern Star Alliance ) killed him. Altough both her adjutants ( Centurions Dracus and Cezarus ) were killed throughout the game, she herself wasn't even tracked, she appeared only in video and in intercom when she tried to convince NSA to renounce. Both of top leaders from NSA refused and whole NSA army meanwhile evacuated in fabled star cruiser, CSS Astrid.

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