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I have experience, my child, and the money and power attained through using those powers for personal gain, you'd say. I could train you; teach you everything I know. And all you have to do... is renounce your idiot father!
~ Vlad Plasmius (to Danny Phantom).
I am not a villain; all I wanted was love.
~ Vlad Plasmius.

Vlad Plasmius (real name: Vlad Masters) is the main antagonist from the Nickelodeon cartoon series Danny Phantom. He is Danny's main arch-nemesis and Jack Fenton's former best friend and Maddie's former love interest, the former two's rival. He later becomes one of the most hated men on Earth after he finally reveals his true nature as a ghost.

He was voiced by Martin Mull.


Vlad Masters

Vlad Plasmius as Vlad Masters.

Vlad Masters was the childhood friend of Jack Fenton, the father of the series' protagonist, Danny Fenton. They were working together on a science project, trying to create a portal to the ghost world, when the project exploded and infected Vlad with "ecto acne". Believing himself to be hideous, he assumed he was unworthy of his true love, although Maddie never truly loved Vlad as revealed in Masters of All Time. He held a grudge against Jack Fenton since, believing his infection to be Jack's fault. In the final episode, a TV special titled "Phantom Planet", he gets hit by an asteroid. It is unknown if he survived, though since it was rather comical it was implied that he did.


Aside from trying to gain a family by winning back his college love and even get Danny to be his adopted son, he tries to gain power, in all ways he can. Throughout the series he makes life hard for Danny, hoping to break his will. Vlad had even made attempts to clone Danny as well in order to sate his desires for a family. At the beginning of the third season, Vlad seems to lose interest in having Danny as a son and simply sought to torment Danny. He even goes so far as to become mayor of Amityville and start a campaign against ghosts despite being half-ghost himself. In "The Ultimate Enemy" special, he accidentally creates Dark Danny in an attempt to help ease the emotional pain Danny had been going through.


As a human, Vlad has gray hair tied into a ponytail, as the result of being infused with ecto-acne, and a matching goatee. However, he has black eyebrows and a pointed nose. He has midnight blue eyes and his eyes are heavily outlined in black, showing his evil nature and implying that he maybe wears eyeliner. He typically wears a black suit with a red handkerchief in his left breast pocket and a matching red bolo tie.

The suit has three rows of white buttons, a total of six. He also wears a white undershirt and black pointed shoes. In his alter-ego of Vlad Plasmius, he retains little resemblance to his human form, although some feature remain the same.

Plasmius is more vampiric than Masters, as this was the producer's original intention, although it was rebuked by Nickelodeon, who considered it too "occult."

He is more muscular in this form, has sky blue skin, and pointed ears and fangs. His hair is black and pointed in a U-shape and he has a black goatee. He wears a mostly white outfit consisting of white trousers and a white long-sleeved shirt covered in black gloves. His shirt is connected via a black belt and stems up to his neck. There is a black collar on his shirt like Danny's, although it does not extend up the neck. He wears black boots. Finally, he accessorizes with a high collar cape connected around his neck that has a white exterior and a red interior lining.


Vlad's general outer appearance showcase him as a well to do man: rich, debonair, obsequious, charming, suave, creative, diabolical, manipulative, knowledgeable, intelligent, and mysterious, but deep down he has narrcissistic personality disorder. He plans out his well strategized ideas to get what he wants, when he wants it, showcasing patience as well as a slick side. He isn't above using others as his pawn in his well played game of chess to reach further into his goals, never giving up when he is down and going into another phase of his multiple plans. To compensate for his losses, Vlad savors the small personal victories (such as in "Bitter Reunions" where he lost the battle, but pointed out Danny's blackmailing before leaving). When under stress, he frequently shouts out snack names ("Oh, butter biscuit", "Oh, sugar cookie", etc). He usually works alone, but has required help from Skulker several times, as well as the vulture ghosts, ectopusses, and the failed clones of Danny he created, like Danielle Phantom. It is also probable that he struck a deal with the Fright Knight.

However, he is a complicated soul, often a double edged sword as he uses the wrong methods (killing, stealing, etc.) to gain the right, namely his painful loneliness and wanting acceptance of love which he frequently shares with Maddie and especially Danny or to try and gain the things that he can't have (Maddie and Danny). Unfortunately, this is also used to his disadvantage when his emotions were often used to trick him into losing a battle. However, the fact that he retains such emotions shows that he is not above redemption.


Old Vlad from an alternate timeline.

Though he is completely influential and powerful, (having more than 20 years of ghost experience as compared to Danny), Vlad is not invincible. Like other ghosts (and half ghosts), Vlad is emotional and vulnerable to the various (Fenton) ghost gadgets. Danny's Ghostly Wail (a sonic scream) and Ghostly Ice (Cryokinesis) are also clear advantages, seeing as these are powers that Vlad seems to lack, giving Danny a substantial edge, while Vlad's powers have remained consistent throughout the series. His arrogance has also proven to be a significant disadvantage; on one occasion when he fought Jack as Plasmius- Jack, naturally, being unaware of his identity as Vlad Masters- part of the reason for his defeat was the fact that he was so surprised at Jack's ability to successfully battle him that he didn't launch any effective attacks. He (like all ghosts) is also powerless against the anti-ghost element Ectoranium, which ultimately leads to his downfall and the realization of his own foolishness. However, despite showing remorse after his actions almost destroyed the Earth, Vlad shows that he is incapable of letting go of his grudge against Jack. Furthermore, while he claims that he loves Maddie and has respect for Danny, it is merely because he detests Jack for having a family of his own and out of sneer entitlement.

Powers and Abilities

  • Human-Ghost Physiology: Vlad has all the same powers that Danny has, but his powers are far more developed because he had been using him for years. He is able to perform techniques that Danny has yet to learn (like duplication, until the episode Torrent of Terror), and for all the feats that Danny can perform, Vlad can perform them better, possibly due to the 20 year experience in which he has had more time to develop new abilities, improve his existing ones, and patch up any weaknesses he might have, although it seems Danny is slowly catching up to him. Furthermore, it's been shown that Vlad lacks Danny's Ghostly Wail ability. He also doesn't seem to have a ghost sense, and, by extension, hasn't developed ice powers like Danny did. Vlad's powers eventually grew (creating more duplicates of himself, an Ecto-Tornado, etc.) It is possible the reason Vlad increased in power a bit through the series is because he never really had any worthy opponents to train to defeat, until he became Danny's arch-nemesis. Even then, because of Danny's own training, he starts losing more often.
    • Transformation: Vlad's rings are black, as opposed to Danny's, which are white. Vlad's ghost form is similar to a vampire, unlike Danny who just has a "negative image" of himself. The reason for this is that Vlad Dracula from Romania was thought to be a "vampire" for his blood lust, therefore, when they're names crossed the makers decided him to be a vampire. While in his ghost form he can use all his ghost powers.
    • Intangibility & Invisibility: Vlad can phase through solid objects and turn invisible to be seen by others. He has used this often to steal money before the start of the series. As with other ghosts, however, he can still get hurt when intangible when other ghost are so as well, and Anti-ghost gadgets that can get past it.
    • Overshadowing/Possession: Vlad can overshadow any human. He has used this ability to get rich tycoons to give their companies to him.
    • Fly: Vlad can fly, float, and hover, presumably with the same speed as Danny. This is never noticeably seen before or again as Vlad does not use flying as an advantage as much as Danny does. He can even fly in his human form.
      • Ghost Tail: Vlad’s lower half became a wispy tail as he quickly tries to escape Pariah Dark.
    • Superhuman Strength: Vlad is stronger than Danny. He punched away a giant dragon-like ghost with ease, though he didn't hurt him and he used an Energy Strike. However, we can assume that his strength is about 40 to 50 tons. Even after been weakened by having duplicated himself in hundreds of duplicates, he was still strong enough to punch Danny hard enough to pierce through a brick wall.
    • Superhuman Durability/Pain Resistance: Vlad is highly resistant to all forms of external physical damage. He is able to withstand higher amounts of damage than Danny. In his ghost form, Vlad's body is incredibly resistant to damage. His ghost tissues and bones are considerably harder and more resistant to physical injury than those of an ordinary human. He also demonstrated a high threshold for pain. There are many moments where he gets up and runs off after near-fatal wounds.
      • Healing Factor: Vlad can be able to regenerate quickly like Danny. When Pariah Dark effortlessly knocked out both Vlad and Danny, who both healed very quickly in a small period of time.
      • Vacuum Resistance/Self-Sustenance: Like Danny, Vlad has been shown to survive the vacuum of outer space without any form of protection beyond his normal clothing and a helmet connected to an oxygen tank. This is only shown when trying to stop the Disasteroid. Near the end of the episode he appeared he didn't need the helmet or oxygen tank as he probably needed it incase he reverted back to human form. Despite first entering the voids of space with a helmet and oxygen tank, Vlad can be seen sitting on the Disasteroid without said equipment. This indicates that Vlad either: doesn't require oxygen to survive while in his ghost form, or that he can utilize a form of self-sustenance while in his ghost form; either way, Vlad has shown to be capable of surviving in low-pressure, low-temperature environments.
    • Superhuman Speed/Reflexes & Agility: Vlad has built on these skills during the 20 years of practice he has had to hone his ghost powers. Vlad's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete. His reflexes are heightened in a similar manner and are, likewise, are superior to those of the finest human athlete. Given that he also outclassed Danny in this regard, one could argue that he is faster than most ghosts as well.
    • Superhuman Stamina: In his ghost form, Vlad's musculature produces almost no fatigue toxins during physical activity. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for hours before fatigue begins to impair him.
    • Ghost Ray: His blast consists of pink ectoplasm; however he is seen using green, turquoise, violet and blue, with each color presumably being at a different power level. He can also fire ghost rays from his eyes in human or ghost form. His full powered ghost ray is enough powerful to dig a crate of 4 meters.
      • Energy Disks: He can also fire his ghost rays in the form of explosive disks.
      • Energy Strike: Vlad can concentrate his ecto-energy within his fist, in order to enhance the strength of his physical attacks. He does this when he was fighting Behemoth. His Energy Strikes can break solid concrete of the street.
    • Ghost Shield: His shield consists of pink or green ectoplasm. He has been shown to shape his shield in the form of a wall, a barrier, or a mirror shield.
      • Mirror Shield: Also known as reflecting shield. He can create a pink ghost shield that can reflect any attack, including physical attacks.
      • Force Field: He can create a ghost shield shaped like a dome to protect himself from explosions.
    • Ecto-Energy Absorption & Redirection: Vlad can absorb energy attacks from his enemies and use them as his own. This is considered one of the rarest Ghost Powers for any ghost or half-ghost. Though he's the only ghost/half-ghost in the series to be known having this power. For unknown reasons he only used this power once.
      • Power Augmentation: He can increase his physical strength, becoming strong enough to destroy the Fenton Ghost Fisher.
    • Ecto-Energy Constructs: Vlad can create solid objects with ectoplasmic energy; from shields to nooses, ropes, even a racket and a cage, or a sword capable of great damage. He can also trap people in ectoplasmic bubbles.
    • Teleportation: Vlad can disappear from one location and reappear elsewhere by wrapping his cape around him and vanishing in a cloud of green or pink mist.
    • Ghost Stinger: An attack that utilizes electricity, it has been used against Danny drain him of energy until he was forced into his human form. It is unknown if it will have similar, if any, effects on full ghosts.
    • Ghost Tornado: Vlad spins like a tornado, deflecting any ectoplasmic energy and causing huge wind gusts almost like a real one. This is possibly Vlad most powerful technique.
    • Spectral Body Manipulation: Vlad can be able to shape-shift his body at any position he desires. He usually doesn't use this power as much as Danny does.
      • Duplication: Vlad can effortlessly split into 4 duplicates. It is one of his most commonly used and advantageous techniques. Also manages to create well over a hundred shadows of him that possessed many people to make them vote for him in the city mayor elections. Creating that many duplicates still weakened Vlad to the point where Danny could easily defeat him in combat. Creating that many copies of himself seems to indicate that there might not be a limit to the number of duplicates that he or possibly Danny would be able to create. It's been shown that when Vlad creates a duplicate, he can make them invisible in the process. He can also transform back to his human form while forming a ghost duplicate of himself, which explains how he's been able to get away with some events that may link directly to his footsteps.
    • Paranormal Immunity: As Half-Ghost Vlad is immune or resistant to several effects that can hurt a ghost or a human. Like Danny, he's is immune to some Fenton Ghost Weaponry like the ghost shield when he is in his human form and it's possible that he is immune to some powers meant to affect humans like Ember's music.
  • Genius Intellect: Vlad is one of the most intelligent characters in the series. He has created hundred of devices and various equipment to hunt ghosts, all of them being of high standard technology. He even created a secret lab better than the Fenton's own lab and improved the Ecto-Skeleton so the suit wouldn't drain or kill the wearer. Furthermore, he managed to find a way to prevent anyone from knowing that he stole money from various businessmen and cover up his own evil deeds while serving as Mayor.
    • Master Strategist: Vlad has cunning mind and over the series he has developed complicated plans in order to get what he wants such as power or vengeance. However most of them are spoiled by Danny's interference or unexpected problems. Furthermore, Vlad sometimes lets his ego get in the way resulting in him losing even when Danny was less experienced.
  • Gifted Businessman: Vlad is one of the most shrewd businessmen in the world, a trait that has earned him an immense fortune. However, he is not above using cutthroat tactics, unethical practices and illegal operations to maintain the success of his business empire; he has admitted to overshadowing other businessmen. 
  • Skilled Combatant: He is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, although he has had no formal training. He fought Danny using an ectoplasmic sword with ease.
    • Swordsmanship: He demonstrates some ability with the sword when fighting Danny despite once again, having no formal training.


I'm telling you Jack it wont work!
~ Vlad telling Jack the ghost portal wont work moments before receiving his ghost powers also his first line in the show.
Because the Packers are owned by the city of Green Bay and they wont sell them to me!
~ Vlad telling Jazz that he can not buy the Packers
My vultures were supposed to bring the big idiot to me but you'll do! Danny Phantom right (Danny: You know me?) Of course i know you.. You're the ghost boy who uses his powers for good. How Quaint! Aren't you going to try to shove me into you're ridiculous thermos? (Danny: I dont want to fight you!) No.. No you dont!
~ Vlad to Danny
The ghost boy is Jack's son? well. what do you know!
~ Vlad discovering the Danny is Jack Fentons son.
Maddie! That lab accident cost me my youthful chance at you but that's about to change!
~ Vlad to Maddie
ENOUGH! i didn't free you to kill the boy Skulker! You're work here is done
~ Vlad dismissing Skulker.
Of course not! you're what 14! too young to drive and not in college yet! I sent those ghosts and others to test your fathers skills, imagine my surprise when i find you the second ghost hybrid his foolishness created!
~ Vlad revealing to Danny that he is also a half-ghost.
Daniel stop! think about the things i could show you, the doors i can open for you, You Danny Phantom and I, Vlad Plasmius together we could rule! (Danny: Forget it pal, your money cant buy my mom, it cant buy the Packers, and it cant buy me!)
~ Vlad telling Danny to team up with him telling him they can rule together but Danny refuses!
Using your opponents weaknesses against him! I am teaching you something after all, very well, truce, Eventually you will join me by choice, you and your mother. but for now! (clears throat) CURSE YOU JACK FENTON, YOUR WORLD RENOWNED EXPERTISE OF ALL THINGS GHOST HAS DEFEATED ME, until next time son.
~ Vlad accepting defeat before disappearing.
Why Maddie and Danny Fenton! (Maddie and Danny: Vlad Masters?!) Oh what an amazing, unexpected and totally unplanned surprise
~ Vlad finding Maddie and Danny outside of his home
I know Maddie, and I've forgiven him for many things, causing the accident that ruined my life, stealing you, the backwash incident. (Maddie: Whoa, Whoa Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, back up, What was that?) Causing the accident that ruined my life? (Maddie: No after that!) The backwash incident? (Maddie: NO IN THE MIDDLE!) Oh, the stealing you part? ah, you always could see right through me! Oh Maddie! I'm just going to come right out with it. Please dump Jack and stay here you and Danny both can what do you say?
~ Vlad revealing his feelings to Maddie before attempting to take her in.
(Danny: Bye, Vlad and as a lonely single man in your 40s might i suggest internet dating or a cat!) Mark my words, Maddie. Nobody says no to Vlad Masters! You will Rue the day that you spurned my affection! AND I WILL NOT GET A CAT
~ Vlad telling Maddie she will regret rejecting him.
Ah You little rat! you tricked me! you know what this will mean for you don't you? (Danny: Oh yeah! a much fairer fight!
~ Vlad angry at Danny for tricking him
If i told you once ill say it a thousand times! I WILL NOT BE YOUR FRIEND
~ Vlad telling Klemper he will not be his friend.
If it's any consolation, they went so quickly. They felt no pain. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for you, Daniel. With nowhere else to go, you came to me, the only person on the planet who could possibly hope to understand your situation. All you wanted was to make the hurt go away. I honored your wishes... no more painful human emotions to drag you down. Sadly, that freed you up to rip the ghost out of me. And when my evil ghost half mixed with yours, my evil side overwhelmed you. (Danny: What happened to my human self?) (Vlad not even wanting to think about it)

Some things, my boy, are better left unsaid.

~ Vlad explaining the origins of Dark Danny to the younger Danny
(Danny: Arent't you gonna at least gonna make some stupid crack about my father? Or a lame come-on about my mom?) No, dear boy. "Funny Joke Around Vlad" isn't here today!
~ Vlad's response to Danny asking him why he didn't make a joke
(Danny: You've been spying on me? Okay, I've said it before and I;ll say it again, You really are one seriously crazed up fruitloop) A fruitloop would not have been able to make his first million with a series of invisible burglaries! A fruitloop would never have thought to overshadow enough millionaires to become one of the richest men on the planet! I AM NOT A FRUTTLOOP!
~ Vlad's response to Danny calling him a fruitloop for spying on him
Jack you have to help me you wont turn back on an old friend would you? (Jack: and old friend? No! You? Yes!
~ Vlad begging for Jack's help after failing to save the earth after turning on everyone only to be coldly betrayed by his former friend as the Vlad he thought he knew was gone cementing his permanent exile from Earth.
Actually being a free roaming space nomad isn't that bad. At least it's quiet and I.. (Gets hit by the asteroid) Noo.
~ Vlad's last words once accepting his new life in space before being hit by the disateroid.


  • Vlad appears to be the opposite of Danny with several differences:
    • Vlad has white hair and wears a black tuxedo, Danny has black hair and wears a white T-shirt.
    • Vlad's ghost form has black hair and his suit is white, Danny's ghost form has white hair and his suit is black.
    • Vlad has wealth and power, Danny has friends and family. Danny values them while the one other person Vlad cares about, Maddie, is because he feels entitled to have her and that he resents Jack for "taking him from him.
    • Whereas Vlad's love interest ultimately chose another man due to him believing that his ghost powers would draw her away from him, Danny successfully managed to hook up with Sam despite her being aware of him being half-ghost. Furthermore, Danny learns to overcome his jealousy while Vlad shows many signs of using his lust for Maddie as an excuse as he commits many crimes unrelated to his jealousy.
    • Danny always stopped himself from giving into corruption while Vlad kept falling off the deep end.
    • Danny was branded as a criminal while Vlad was hailed as a hero while they kept their true identities secret. But after being exposed, Vlad became an outcast to humanity while Danny was hailed as a hero.
  • Despite Vlad gaining money through possessing millionaires and getting them to sign over their assets to him, he has yet to achieve ones of his goals legally or illegally, to own the Green Bay Packers. Apparently Vlad has been unable to possess or bamboozle the Packers' shareholders into surrendering ownership, or he could view it as a challenge to legitimately acquire the football team.
  • He began robbing banks to make himself rich since June 1983.
  • Vlad's first name, noble status and vampiric appearance while in ghost form are references to Dracula.


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