The story of the arrogant billionaire half-ghost Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom.

Early life

Vlad getting ecto-acne

Much of Vlad Masters early life is never revealed but at some point he meets Jack Fenton and together they attend the University of Wisconsin and become best friends who are popular as well as doing everything together, they also become lab partners. Soon, he meets Maddie Fenton whom he starts to fall in love with.

At some point, Vlad, Jack and Maddie become acquainted and soon built a prototype ghost portal (what Vlad believes will not work) where one day Jack activates the ghost portal just at the very moment Vlad checks out the portal, causing the portal to go haywire and blasting Vlad in the face with ectoplasmic energy causing him to have a severe case of Ecto-Acne thus ruining his social life and any chances to win Maddie over. Following this he becomes hospitalized for several years becoming bitter, selfish and arrogant as well as holding a strong grudge against Jack for ruining his life.

Later, he discovers that the accident gave him ghost powers and as such he takes advantage of his powers by committing many invisible burglaries to acquire his wealth he has now. He names his ghost-half under the Alias, Vlad Plasmius.

First Appearance

Twenty years later, Vlad makes his debut in Bitter Reunions where he sends three vulture ghosts in an attempt to kill Jack however the ghosts were quickly defeated by Danny, when he figures it out their motives. Upon failing, Vlad throws a college reunion party at his estate and invites Jack and Maddie (who subsequently bring Danny and Jazz with them) where Vlad plans to humiliate Jack and have Maddie leave him. When the Fentons arrive the next day he warmly greets them except Jack who shuts the door on him, inside his mansion,

Danny and Vlad fight for the first time

he shows the Fentons his Packers memorabilia, where Danny notices Vlad hitting on Maddie, who subsequently lets Jack in where Vlad attempts to convince Jack to stay for the reunion but Jack initially refuses to stay with him but manages to convince him when he tells him the Dairy King ghost haunts his mansion, Jack upon hearing he gets to hunt ghosts eagerly agrees to stay.

Vlad captures Danny

That night, he again sends his vulture ghosts to kill Jack (who was searching for a bathroom), Danny's ghost sense goes off again and rescues him only to be confronted by Vlad, Danny then fights him where Vlad taunts him for using his powers for good, he attempts to finish him off but Vlad quickly overpowers and defeats him and knocks him unconscious causing Danny to change back to his human form in front of him, where Vlad is shocked to find that Danny Phantom is Jack's son. Danny later wakes up screaming, alerting Vlad who comes into his room to check on him, Danny apologies to Vlad for scaring him to which Vlad says not to worry and he will see him tomorrow, Vlad leaves beginning to put his plan into action

The next day at the reunion, Vlad approaches Danny and asks him for a "favor", he tells him to head to his laboratory to retrieve a "gift" he intends to give to Jack, Danny obliges and head to his lab where notices a picture of him and Maddie he puts the picture of him and Jack together and discovers that Vlad had sent the vulture ghosts to kill Jack, but before he can do anything about that though, Skulker appears and captures Danny in a cube which naturalizes his ghost power and thus is unable to escape, before he can kill Danny, Vlad appears angrily dismissing Skulker stating he did not free him to kill Danny where the latter promptly leaves. Vlad then reveals to Danny that he is also a half-ghost just like him, he offers to Danny to join him and offers to train him in using his powers if he renounces his father, Danny angrily refuses calling him a fruit loop leaving Vlad to leave him to put his next phase of his plan into action.

Vlad vowing to Danny that one day he will be his.

Vlad heads to Jack and possess him and begins to wreck havoc intending to ruin his reputation, but Danny manages to escape with help from the Dairy King ghost and finds Vlad possessing his father who quickly removes him from his body. Heading into the library to continue their fight, Vlad once again tries to convince Danny to join his side by saying all the things he can teach him but Danny again refuses to do so. Seeing Maddie, Vlad phases in and kidnaps her where she angrily tells him to let her go but he refuses to do so, Jack see this and chases after her, Danny then drives the Fenton RV and shoots ectoplasmic goo at Vlad causing him to drop Maddie, Danny quickly repossesses his father and catches her much to her delight, Danny as Jack then sends Maddie away and confronts Vlad where he threatens to expose his and Vlad's secrets as half ghosts unless he and Vlad comes to a truce he also states that his parents will accept him no matter what but then asks Vlad what would Maddie think seeing that Danny is blackmailing him and that is slowly learning him without him realizing it, Vlad agrees to do so but not before saying that him and Maddie will join him eventually.

Later upon hearing that Valerie Gray's life had gone down hill after a ghost accident at Axion Labs that caused her father Damon Gray to lose his job in Shades of Gray, Vlad sends her ghost hunting equipment with a note in it, she immediately accepts the gift and begins to hunt down Danny with it unaware of his true intentions with it, Vlad then makes a quick cameo appearance outside grinning at her before he disappears.

Rivalry with Danny

Vlad makes a return in Maternal Instinct staging a plan that involves taking Maddie and Danny to a mother and son science convention in Florida, Maddie wanting to spend time with her son takes a reluctant Danny with her.

On their way there, the pilot of their plane is revealed to be a ghost, forcing the duo to escape via parachutes they land in the rocky mountains, braving the forest they happen to come across a mansion that is owned none other than Vlad who pulls up just at the moment, while Maddie is relieved to see him, Danny rather is suspicious of him, it is also revealed he is sending ghosts to Fenton Works to kill Jack (as well as Jazz who is also at home with her father)  they then subsequently stay with him for the time being.

Later, Maddie begins to explain her and Danny's situation to Vlad (while Danny continues to remain rather suspicious of Vlad), Vlad, then confesses his love to Maddie and also tries to convince her she leaves Jack and have her and Danny stay with him. Angering her, Maddie (and Danny) quickly leaves his mansion with Danny mockingly suggesting that he either try internet dating or getting a cat to which Vlad angrily refuses. 

Vlad attempts to win Maddie over to no avail

Later, Maddie and Danny camp out in the woods as Vlad sends his ghost animals to kidnap Danny and bring him back to his mansion, upon his arrival back Vlad reveals to Danny that the mother/son convention was nothing more but a part of his plan to have Maddie to himself and that DALV was nothing more but his name backwards he then shortens out his powers by using Plasmius Maximus for three hours then shoos him into the woods with his ghost animals in pursuit, Danny is however is rescued by Maddie, who reluctantly suggests heading back to Vlad's so she can call for help on the way she puts the Specter Deflector on Danny (who powers are already shortened out from Vlad earlier) who then realizes the belt will zap him when he gets his powers back but is later able to steal the key from Maddie by hugging her.  

Knocking on Vlad's door, Vlad opens and is happy to see that Maddie and Danny has returned to him, Maddie then takes advantage of Vlad by manipulating him through "flirting" with him and toying with his feelings for her in order to get on his good side, Meanwhile as a Maddie searches his house for a phone to call for help, Danny changes the clock and tricks Vlad into thinking he renounces Jack as his father and calling him as his new father takes the bait and goes to hug him, Danny then puts the Sector Deflector on Vlad shocking him and realizing that Danny has tricked him as Danny regains his powers just at the exact moment. The duo then engages in battle despite Vlad being weakened by the specter deflector  Vlad  has it even with Danny until he attempt to duplicate himself but only grows a second head and Danny manages to defeat him. Vlad accepts defeat, but he states that he forgot about his ghost animals, but the ghost animals quickly turn on Vlad when Danny points out his animal memorabilia on his wall, Vlad states he is more powerful then them, but Danny does what Vlad did to him earlier by shocking him with his own weapon thus shortening out his powers. Danny says he will give him a five minute head start but also say seconds saying he is bad a math, he then orders the ghost chase after Vlad out of his house and into the woods, Maddie returns and asks where Vlad went to Danny replies that he went out or a hike, Danny and Maddie then take his helicopter to return home. 

Soon, Vlad is seeking for a Skeleton Key in the Ghost Zone In The Million Dollar Ghost, which has the ability to unlock any door in the ghost zone as well entering any realm, he is able to find the key but a giant monster confronts him in doing so, they engage in battle and Vlad is able to quickly defeat him but the monster hits him with his tail and knocks him away and back into his portal, but before he can return to the Ghost Zone and alarm to his ghost portal rings and to his horror he forgot to refill the ecto filltrator causing the portal to explode as well as his destroying his mansion in the process, to his horror he discovers that his ghost portal is destroyed thus not being able to go back into the Ghost Zone to retrieve the key, he will need a working portal to get back into the Ghost Zone and he then pulls out a picture of the Fentons and realizes he will have to steal Jack's portal before laughing evilly

Vlad later sends his vulture ghosts to attack Jack, but they end up capturing Sam Manson and Tucker Foley (Danny's best friends) forcing Danny to risk himself by going ghost in front of the ghost hunters to save them but is confronted by Vlad who reveals to Danny he sent the ghost hunters as well as placing the million dollar bounty on Danny, the two engage in a fight where Danny mocks Vlad by saying that Jack married the love of his life Maddie, Danny is however quickly defeated and almost changes back into his human form before Vlad changes him back and throws him towards the ghost hunters ready to destroy him by their weapons though Danny was able to quickly escape from them.

In order to cheer his father up Danny goes ghost and allows him to be captured by him he refuses but is instead captured by Maddie, Jack then heads over to an alleyway where he is to claim his million dollar reward, however Danny attempts to warn Jack that the reward was a trap Jack wont listen to him until they are both trapped into an ecto cage, Vlad then appears where he reveals to Jack he is going to destroy his portal and make his own, though Danny and Jack say that he has a portal of his own, Vlad says he did but it got destroyed before proceeding to Fenton Works, Jack is later able to escape with the help of Danny Phantom.

Vlad has his vulture ghosts attempt to open the Fenton portal where he is surprised Jack caught him very easily and orders his ghosts to attack Jack but Jack's competence arises and is able to quickly defeat them, Vlad tell Jack his family is all in danger all the time he states he should be put out o their misery and attack him, Jack them arms himself with the Fenton Ghost Gloves/Ghost Gauntlets  and easily defeats Vlad (impressing Danny) Danny then is able to change the ecto filltrator and Jack open the Ghost Portal to Vlad's disbelief who claims Jack is an idiot to which Jack retaliates by saying he is the idiot to beat him before punching him into the Ghost Zone the portal explodes seconds after but is then revealed to be a simulation on Jack's computer.

Pariah Dark chases Vlad

Elsewhere in the Ghost Zone, Vlad is completely surprised that Jack defeated him and is rather upset but quickly changes his mind once he retrieves the skeleton key he had been looking for causing him to gloat that even in victory, Jack still fails. The monster that Vlad that fought earlier eats him much to his annoyance. 

With the Skeleton Key still in his possession in Reign Storm, Vlad uses it to escape the monster that had devoured him and over to a castle in the ghost zone to steal the ring of the ghost king Pariah Dark as well as the sword of the spirit of Halloween the Fright Knight he uses the key to dissolve the orb holding the ring, Vlad then gloats that he now has the power of the ghost king in his hand he then attempts to use it to no avail. Vlad then realizes in order to use the rings power the user must also wear the crown of fire, he then uses the key to open the coffin causing a nearby vulture to beak and the coffin eyes to brighten up, at the exact moment while discussing the crowns power the ghost king angrily reawakens much to Vlad's horror. When the ghost king asks who dares reawaken him Vlad approaches him where he nervously attempts to tell him that he is a huge fan of his work, Not buying his statement King Pariah causes an explosion knocking Vlad far from his castle, the ghost king subsequently removes the sword from the pumpkin summoning the Fright Knight to serve him, he notices that the ghost king has awakened and bows down to him, the ghost king tells him he as well as Vlad who rules the Ghost Zone. Outside Vlad states he has to get of sight before the ghost king finds him he quickly grabs him telling he has reawakened him but soon discover that Vlad is a duplicate, Vlad notices that the Fright Knight is awake and goes over to an attempt to make a deal with him, the Fright Knight questions this before the ghost king attacks them Vlad tell him to call him before attempting to escape the ghost king before the latter shoots at him knocking him unconscious and transforming back into his human form and into the Fenton portal just as Jack and Maddie are finishing up constructing a robotic suit, Vlad then pops out of the ghost portal much to the shock and surprise of Jack and Maddie, Vlad weakly asks Jack to help him before falling unconscious.

Recovering, at Fenton Works, Danny (With Sam and Valerie) comes home from school and is shocked to find his archenemy hanging around with his family where Vlad greets Danny in an enthusiastic manner. Danny angrily confronts Vlad and asks what is he doing at his house to which Maddie responds by pouring tea on Vlad, burning him and telling Danny that is a a valid question, he then attempts to flirt with her again but she angrily brushes him of and threatens him. Vlad then tells Danny and reveals his plan to steal the Ecto-Skeleton aloud in front of Jack under his nose, but starts laughing with Jack about it by just claiming he was joking with him he then asks Maddie for more tea but she pours it on his head much to his annoyance.

Jack and Maddie then leave as Danny confronts him but then figures it out since he just said it aloud to which he threatens to expose his secret before shifting his attention to Valerie Gray who is surprised (as well as Danny) that he knows her, just then the an alarm goes off in Fenton Works alerting Jack and Maddie who explain to Danny Jazz and Sam that it goes off when they are about to face a massive ghost invasion alerting Danny who orders Sam and Jazz to stall Jack and Maddie as he goes ghost to confront the invasion initially he is relieve to only find out Box Ghost to pop out but then Skulker leads Ember McLain, Walker, Nicolai Technus as well a numerous other ghost Danny fought previously out of the ghost zone,  he chases after them and ask what they are running from they tell him they are running away from Pariah Dark the ghost king as well as the Fright Knight before attacking Danny and running away who subsequently tells Sam that Vlad Plasmius has become the least of his worries.

Vlad rides with Valerie where he asks if the equipment is operating functionally Valerie responds that he designed it just for her but Valerie asks why he would give it to a fourteen year old but also said he said he is also the best ghost fighter he has ever seen before "joking" with her about using her, Vlad then gives her the ring of the ghost king lying to her that the right was passed down from ghost hunter generation she accepts it not know it its the ghost kings ring he then orders her to her job with Valerie vowing not to let Vlad down. Meanwhile, as Vlad puts his plan into motion the ghost king summons his army with the Fright Knight in command.

Later, Vlad is helping Jack work on his robotic suit as the Fright Knight breaks in to the Fenton lab and unleashes his army to retrieve the ghost kings ring, Maddie attempt to close the portal but the Fright Knight catches her and attempts to kidnap her as Vlad and Jack order him to let go of the woman they love sparking an awkward moment between Vlad and Jack, Vlad asks Jack if the suit is operation but Jack warns Vlad that the suit could kill him, then Vlad states he should use it (for his sadistic pleasure of Jack getting hurt). Jack then battles the Fright Knight defeats him and rescues Maddie but the suit drains him of physical energy, Maddie orders Vlad to help her get the pants of Jack but Vlad tell her that's her problem angering Maddie.

Vlad gives Valerie Gray the ghost kings ring

Meanwhile as the ghost kings army causes havoc, Vlad confronts Danny at his school complementing him for using his ghost powers against his enemies having watched Danny get revenge on Dash Baxter (after the former is fed up with the latter's bullying), Danny goes ghost and engages him into battle but Vlad catches him and tell him to calm down as the Fright Knight and his army attack Danny and Vlad, Vlad assist Danny in fighting off the Ghost King's army, Danny sarcastically asks Vlad if he wants his mother cell phone number to which Vlad denies, the Fright Knight grabs him and demands to return the ghost king's to him to which Vlad denies having possession of, Valerie then appears to which Danny and Vlad realizes the Valerie will attack them because they appear as ghosts, but Danny convinces her to join forces with him to fight off the army, the trio the confronts the Fright Knight which give him no choice to but claim Amity Park under Pariahs Rule. The Fright Knight warns Danny and Vlad that the reign of terror will end if the ring is given back to the king but if the sword is removed by anyone they will surrender to the ghost king before disappearing but before Vlad and Danny can do anything further Maddie and Damon arrive forcing Vlad to flee and Danny to change back into human form

Later, Danny confronts Vlad outside of his house calling him out for putting innocent people at risk and tell him to give the ring to him he refuses to do so, causing Danny to get angry but Vlad taunts him stating what if Valerie notices his secret, Danny breaks a nearby streetlight, goes ghost and engages Vlad into battle. Danny hits Vlad with a sneak attack Vlad tells him as he goes ghost that he's becoming like him with every battle though Danny states that he is nothing like Vlad and continues the fight to where the sword is located, Vlad continues to manipulate Danny by saying that he's using his powers to get back at people he doesn't like and throwing the first punch he state that he is becoming more like him before hitting and knocking him near the sword, Danny noticing the sword states that if he can't make Vlad get the ring back he will make him by pulling out the sword but Vlad tells him not to pull the sword telling him its a signal, Danny questions this and pulls out the sword anyway causing to put Amity Park into to Ghost Zone and under the Ghost King's rule as well as causing the ghost kings army to resume their march, The Fright Knight and King Pariah appear where the latter attacks the duo causing the two to change back into their human forms and become unconscious. The Ghost King prepares to murder the duo but then Valerie armed with her battle suit attacks him dropping the duo, the Fright Knight then realizes Valerie is in the possession of the ring and demands her to give it to him but Valerie shoots a missile with the ring on it to distract the ghost king as she rescues Danny and Vlad as she heads back to Fenton Works with the Fright Knight in pursuit until she manages to get inside the ghost shield. In the meantime Pariah manages to catch his ring and with the crown of fire gives him unimaginable power.

Valerie takes Danny and Vlad into Danny's bedroom where she rests, Vlad then wakes up and notices that the ring he gave to Valerie is gone (unaware that the ghost king now has possession of it while he was unconscious). hearing Jack and Maddie come in Vlad turns invisible and leaves, Danny subsequently defeats Valerie by exposing her secret as a ghost fighter in front of her father, Later Vlad apparently makes a deal with Fright Knight as Danny with the help of his ghostly enemies fights off the ghost king's army as Danny confronts the Ghost King in his castle for the final battle where Danny is victorious, however the battle causes Danny to pass out from exhaustion as Danny locks the ghost king in his coffin, Vlad takes advantage of this opportunity to steal the ecto-skeleton. Afterwards Vlad then takes Danny back to his house claiming to having found Danny outside the ghost shield in an effort to get back on Jack and Maddie's good side.

In an alternate timeline set a decade later in the future in The Ultimate Enemy, Danny gets caught in a time traveling journey involving a sequence of events courteously of Clockwork. In a sequence of events Danny eventually meets his evil future self Dan Phantom and engages him into battle but his older self proves to be too powerful for Danny and easily defeats him subsequently he fuses one of Clockworks medallion into Danny thus trapping him in the future and throws him into the ghost zone while Dan goes back in time to make sure his future is sealed but Jazz having figured out who Dan is as well as figuring out that Vlad Masters is Danny's archenemy uses a boomerang with a note with to find Danny. Danny eventually receives the note and suspects that Vlad is behind all of these events.

Danny finds out that Vlad's manor is long gone and Vlad noticing that Danny came in asks if he came to kick a defenseless old man while he is down, Danny questions this and Vlad reveals himself as a depressed old hermit, Danny asks what has happened to him while Vlad says he can ask him the very same question. Vlad the explains how Dark Danny came to be.

An elderly Vlad now a depressed hermit, ten years later confronts young Danny

Following the Nasty Burger explosion that killed Danny's family, Sam, Tucker, as well as his teacher Mr. Lancer, Danny reluctantly moves in with his archenemy whom he feels he is the last person to to understand his situation. Vlad (having wanted to take Danny in as his own for a long time) takes him in with open arms and gives him a great deal of sympathy of what he is going through. Danny having felt guilty of what he is going through and feeling that his ghost powers are the reason for the death of his loved ones asks Vlad to remove his ghost half from his human half. Something that Vlad honored, he agreed to help him and using the Fenton Ghost Gloves (renamed Ghost Gauntlets which he somehow obtained) separates Danny Phantom from Danny Fenton, the procedure goes well but the ghost wakes up angry that Vlad had separated him from his human half goes berserk and frees himself and throws Vlad into a wall, the ghost then grabs the gauntlets and separates Vlad Masters from Vlad Plasmius thus stripping Vlad of his ghost powers, Danny's ghost half attempts to overshadow Vlad Plasmius, but the evil nature in Vlad consumes and overwhelms any good that is left in Danny Phantom and as such Dark Danny is born, Vlad then watches in terror as Dan comes into existence, horrified of what he had done (even though he tried to help Danny). Danny then asks Vlad what had become of his human half, cringing and not even wanting to even think of it, Vlad tells the younger Danny that some things are better off left unsaid. The scene then cuts to Dan giving the human Danny a deadly glare before proceeding to kill his human self and blowing up Vlad's mansion before going on a decade's long rampage of death and destruction with the human Vlad barely surviving the explosion to live to tell the tale.

Vlad, states in light of all the horrible things that happened is that ten years without ghost powers gave him the chance to see the errors of his ways by even restoring a picture of Jack with him and Maddie in a rare moment for Vlad shows deep regret and guilt, in a rare moment for his archenemy he realizes that everyone deserves a second chance even Vlad and in a way forgives him he then asks if Vlad has his ghost gantlets, to which he still has and Danny asks for help in getting the time medallion out of him but Vlad states he can just destroy Danny then and there to prevent his horrible future. Vlad however does remove his time medallion before Danny departs back to his own time to stop Dan and save his family and friends, Danny is successful in defeating his evil older self and with the help of Clockwork goes back in time to where Danny begins taking the C.A.T. and subsequently giving the answers back to Mr. Lancer thus creating a timeline where Danny's family and friends are saved from the Nasty Burger explosion and as such Danny does not move in with Vlad thus preventing Dark Danny from coming into existence (though the existing Dan now exists outside of time).

Vlad takes Jazz in as his "own".

Now having possession of the Ecto-Skeleton in Secret Weapons Vlad again hires Skulker to hunt down nano bots from Axion Labs as well as the Ecto-converter and stealing an electric rod from Nicolai Technus in order to improve the suits power. Meanwhile, Danny angrily drive Jazz away from home as she ruins his ghost battles. Klemper barges in to Vlad's portal asking him to be his friend to which Vlad comically denies, he hears the doorbell ring and is surprised to see Jazz who calls him "Uncle Vlad" states that she ran away from home, her father is an idiot and her brother hates her and that she wants to move in with her, Vlad upon hearing that she says Jack is an idiot immediately takes her in, Unbeknownst to him however Jazz is secretly investigating him for the thefts he and Skulker committed. The next morning Jack and Maddie wake up Danny to inform him that Jazz is gone (feeling guilty for driving her away Danny heads into the ghost zone in an effort to find her), Vlad then calls Jack and Maddie where Jazz informs them that she needs to stay with "Uncle Vlad" for a while in order to stay away from Danny, Maddie (due to her hatred for Vlad) immediately objects to this but Vlad takes it as her saying yes and tell them he will watch her as if she was his own. In the meantime Danny confronts Skulker about kidnapping Jazz but the ghost hunter denies of doing he subsequently captures him and takes him to Vlad.

Later, Jazz discovers Vlad heading down to his secret laboratory, using Vlad's laptop Jazz tries to figure out why Vlad wants nano-bots and and a ecto converter but multiple pictures of Maddie show up instead much to her disgust, Just then Vlad returns and Jazz pretends she is reading one of Vlad's college yearbooks which Vlad questions what she is doing in his library, playing with Vlad's crush for Maddie she asks why would his library be private from someone he considers a daughter, telling him he looked good in college as well as asking why him and Maddie were never together, Believing she is not up to something Vlad asks her to hug him. Much later as Vlad is occupied with other things Jazz breaks into his secret laboratory, where she discovers that Vlad was in possession of Jack's ecto skeleton as well as the ecto converter and the nano bots that Skulker had stolen earlier, Vlad the catches her and asks what she is doing in his lab she lies to him saying how cool a dad he will be as well as saying that his lab is much better than Jack's to which Vlad states he has nothing to suspect her of, Just then Skulker appears with Technus's rod as well as Danny, Vlad is surprised that Danny Phantom and Jazz know each other. Upset, Vlad says he loves that Jazz has left Jack for him but also states that he is suspicious of her motives and as such he then plans to test her loyalty.

Vlad plans to test out Jazz's "Loyalty"

Taking them to a football field in his backyard, Jazz asks Vlad if this is necessary but Vlad states he wasn't going to take her in as his own without first "testing" her "loyalty", he also states that he improved Jack's suit so the suit would not kill Jazz but he will if she betrays him, Danny ask Vlad to let her go while also insulting her causing to get angry and Vlad to start the battle between the two, Danny and Jazz begin to argue till Danny tries to escape and leave with Jazz following him only to crash into a ghost shield where Vlad states the shield works on ghosts and humans, and as such Danny tell Jazz that they have to fight but make it look convincing in order to fool Vlad but Jazz punches him without remorse for him humiliating him earlier but continues on with the plan on false fighting Danny until it looks like she knocked him unconscious, taking the bait, Vlad states he forgives her and turns off the shield, but the Fenton siblings get the last laugh when Danny disappears and Jazz punches her "father", realizing that he has been tricked, Vlad states that he can end her resistance with a press of a button but Danny grabs the the remote from him and attacks Vlad, angered that he had been tricked by them, Vlad asks Jazz if he ever figured out his secret identity by turning into Vlad Plasmius but realizes that that Danny and Jazz are long gone, leaving a note stating that they are not surprised as well as Jack's suit to self destruct right next to him much to his dismay.

The Ecto acne soon comes back to bite Vlad in Masters of All Time and as such heads to Danny for help as the latter storms out of Nasty Burger due to Jack and Maddie embarrassing him where Vlad awaits him outside when Danny asks what Vlad wants this time, Vlad reveals to Danny that the ecto acne is back and asks for his help to cure it but Danny, Sam and Tucker refuses to help him, in order to force Danny to help him he infects Sam and Tucker with the same illness before falling unconscious, Danny ask Vlad to wake up and asks for an antidote but Jack and Maddie attack him and he hides and is able to change back with the help of Jazz, Jack and Maddie realize that they must treat Vlad as well as Sam and Tucker ecto acne back at Fenton works much to Danny's dismay.

Vlad with the ecto-acne asks Danny, Sam and Tucker to help him

Vlad later wakes up at Fenton works in a bed stating to Maddie that she wouldn't let him down then mocks Danny telling him he didn't have a choice angering him. upon finding there is no cure Vlad mocks Danny stating that Sam and Tucker are running out of time which give Danny an idea he heads to Clockworks lair asking him to send him to the past of Jack Maddie and Vlad's college day but Clockwork says it is not a great idea but Danny begs him to do so stating he can prevent his original outbreak of ecto-acne as well as him getting ghost powers in the first place. Clockwork reluctantly does but tells him not to screw up, Danny arrives 20 years in the past and discovers an advertisement for a ghost portal and heads over there, there the past Vlad tries to state his love for Maddie to her but she ignores him and rather looks jealous when Maddie and Jack look at each other as in the previous timeline Jack activates the portal while Vlad sticks his head to it but just as the portal is about to shook Vlad, Danny appears and pushes Vlad out of the way as the ecto energy blasts around the lab Vlad pushes Maddie out of the way something she is grateful for this creates a timeline where Vlad doesn't get ecto-acne as well as ghost powers and thus Vlad Plasmius never exists.

Danny finds out he screwed up the timeline when he finds out that Maddie married Vlad instead of Jack.

Danny at first is satisfied that he altered the timeline, but soon changes his mind when he finds out Fenton works does not exist and heading into his house and to add further to the mess he made he realizes that Jack is not married to Maddie and thus does not have a son even further shocking him Jack has become a bitter half ghost (just the Vlad the original timeline) having now realized he has screwed up the past Danny attempts to get back to Clockwork but realizes there is no ghost portal then he notices on a newspaper that Vlad is married to Maddie shocking him, Danny has Jack explain to him what had occurred that Jack got hit with the ecto acne and got superpowers while Vlad marries Maddie Danny attempts to convince Jack that he was the one that married Maddie as well as having two kids but Jack refuses to believe him and attacks him leaving Danny not choice to find Maddie and Vlad in Wisconsin.

Danny arrives at Vlad and Maddie's Manor where he call Maddie "mom" in order to take him in, after feeding him cheese Maddie asks him where his parents are to which Danny responds they are missing, Maddie asks him if he needs a place to stay Vlad in awe is about to kiss her but a disgusted Danny interrupts asking if they have a ghost portal causing Vlad to be suspicious, that night Danny heads down into Vlad's lab where he finds a ghost portal but then Maddie appears and confronts him and captures him and straps him on to a table and asks Danny who he is, Danny nervously tells her that he is her son shocking her and tells her he is also Jack Fenton's son angering her stating she has not seen Jack Fenton in years and that he blamed her for the accident but Danny states that Jack misses her Jack out of nowhere come outs out and confirms this and shows her a picture of them together as well as Danny and Jazz and thus frees him she opens the portal but then Vlad appears attack Jack and Danny knocking the latter back on the table where he is captured again Danny begs him to stop telling him that nothing like this should ever happen but an angry Vlad states he likes it this way but Jack pushes Vlad to the side and frees Danny but Vlad shoots a laser at Jack and Jack defends himself with his shield but is pushed back into ghost portal causing it to overload and Jack to apparently either die or fall unconscious an angry Maddie confronts Vlad but Vlad states he is still her husband to which Maddie retaliates by throwing him into the ghost zone where he is confronted by several ghosts.

Danny with the help of a reluctant Clockwork fixes everything and Danny realizes Diet Cola is the cure to the ecto acne and as such suggests to Maddie to use the Diet Cola and mixes up a batch and the three are successfully cured much to Vlad's relief and tells Danny that he knew he would come through he then tells him that he is still weak so he asks him let bygones be bygones which Danny gets an idea by blasting him into the sky.

Wanting to make a clone of Danny, Vlad studies various battles with Danny and Valerie in order to get Danny's DNA.

A much more darker side of Vlad is seen in Kindred Spirits where a desperate Vlad attempts to create the perfect clone of Danny by studying various battles between Danny and Valerie he has the Maddie program analyze the data but the program states Vlad wont be able to complete his experiment without a mid-morph sample Vlad then plans to resort to kidnapping Danny by sending his three ghosts out to find him one of which is a bed sheet with a half skeleton under it a hulk like monster ghost and a tiny green glob that is revealed to be a deformation of Danny who also call him "father" much to his delight before rather letting out a disturbing evil laugh when he has his Maddie program tell him that Jack Fenton is an idiot.

The bed sheet ghost ends up finding Danny at a golf course and he is able to quickly defeat it angering Sam and Tucker when they are left behind to clean the mess the Danny made, Danny returns home to find out a girl sitting on his bed confusing him, the girl introduces herself as Danielle, Danny's cousin once removed lying that she ran away from home Danny soon realizes she has a lot in common with him then takes her to meet his parents she refuses and goes outside, Danny follows her but can't find her just then the Hulk-like monster ghost appears and attacks Danny, Dani appears and reveals herself to be a half ghost just like him shocking him even further and the two team up against the ghost and defeat it and Dani fakes a faint when Danny begins to question her some more.

Vlad uses Dani Phantom in order to track Danny Phantom down.

The next day at school, Danny tell his friends about Danielle but they are still angry at him but Danielle appears and Danny tells her she cant be using her powers just like that, she she tries to persuade him further when she suggests using her powers against Dash, just then the tiny glob ghost appears and the duo chase after it again leaving Sam and Tucker behind to clean the mess the Danny left behind, the Phantoms race each other unbeknownst to Danny, she was leading him to Vlad who appears in front of Danny and Vlad more serious than ever begins to attack Danny without hesitation who fights back, Danny asks Vlad if he going to make "some stupid crack" about Jack or a "lame come on" about Maddie, Vlad states to Danny that funny joke around Vlad is not present today and attacks him more and Danny fights back just then Dani appears and he asks her to help him but she hits him from behind betraying him and Danny realizes he was set up by her and Vlad, Dani asks her "dad" if she did good to which Vlad responds he could not wished for a better daughter before laughing evilly as Danny falls unconscious before taking him away where Sam and Tucker witness Danny being taken captive by Vlad who also realizes that Dani was bad news, realizing Danny needs their help they leave school infuriating Mr. Lancer who calls Jack and Maddie to inform them what they have done as well as Danny's absence as Sam and Tucker head over to Fenton works to grab the Specter Speeder as well as the boomerang and the specter deflector but are caught by an angry Jack and Maddie before managing to escape the Fenton household and use the boomerang to find Danny as it can find Danny's location.

Vlad revealing his plan to Danny, that he wants to create the perfect clone of Danny.

Meanwhile, Danny is taken to Vlad's residence in Colorado where Vlad captures him in Skulkers cube and shows him various videos of him going ghost which makes Danny realize that Vlad was spying on him before calling him a crazed up fruit loop but an angry Vlad states that a fruit loop would not commit invisible burglaries or overshadow several millionaires to be come the rich man that he is today and also states he is not a villain but that all he ever wanted was love before showing Danny his clones and that they need more time before they can accept his DNA stating that the ghosts that Danny encountered earlier including Danielle were bad clones and mistakes before showing Danny a deformed version of himself shocking Danielle who was watching all of this from above Vlad also states that he would watch hundred's of ghosts dissolve into ecto-plasium because he is desperate in getting the perfect half ghost son to which Danny states there is nothing loopy about that Vlad then asks Danny if he is under the impression that he is escaping, he states to him he needs a DNA sample of him to get a mid morph before ordering the deformed Danny to overshadow Danny in order to get his DNA.

Vlad and Danny face off.

Later, Vlad puts Danny into a cloning chamber in order to get what he needs Danny attempts to resist the transformation and the power is too much for the chamber and it overloads and thus explodes and Danny flies through Vlad angering him but Danielle appears behind up upset with what she heard asking him if she was in imperfection and a mistake but Vlad states he wasn't talking about her but was talking about the other clones he was making and shows her the tiny blob ghost dissolve into ecto plasium scaring her he then points out he needs Danny's DNA to stabilize her his "greatest creation" Dani takes Vlad's word and sets out to find Danny as he attempts to escape from Vlad's home and is attacked by Danielle who states that he isn't going anywhere and tells him that he is too weak to beat her at all but Danny tells her he is not going to fight her stating that every time he fights a clone to turn to goo but also states she isn't mindless like the other clones and that he doesn't want to hurt her, to which Dani states that's Danny should give Vlad his DNA so he can save her, but Danny states he is not going to save her but is using her telling her that she is a mess the Vlad is not going to even bother trying to clean up. Dani does not believe him and knocks him unconscious before taking him back to Vlad.

Danny wakes up in a cloning chamber being locked in by Dani, Vlad states he isn't sure how he is going to get Danny to morph but then gives him the idea having Dani overshadow Danny to force the transformation but Dani is reluctant to do so as she is afraid the strain would melt her since it melted the last clone that tried that. Vlad assures her it wont happen but Dani is hesitant to do so this causes Vlad to furiously snap at her telling that she only exists to serve him, upset at Vlad and realizes that Danny is right in Vlad using her, this causes Dani to betray her "father" and free Danny the two Phantoms then subsequently team up and attack Vlad knocking him back into the chamber that contains the perfect clone to fall on him destroying it where the Maddie program tells him about the clone where Vlad watches in horror as his ghost son slowly dissolve into ecto-plasium devastating him he shouts a loud NOOOO!

With his perfect clone of Danny destroyed an angry Vlad attempts to kill Danny and Dani in revenge.

before glaring at Danielle in pure rage and slowly walks over to murder his "daughter" but Dani despite her unstabilized body attempts to fight him but Danny states that she doesn't have to, Danny then uses his ghostly wail (having used it previously on Dark Danny) on Vlad knocking him back into the wall and destroying his laboratory in he process (he also comically watches his Maddie program go corrupt and tells him she never loved him and that she likes the Jack program better Jack appears and he watches them kiss much to his horror) before turning back to human form and falling to the ground as Danny loses his power but states it worth it to take the cloning lab down, Vlad gets up and comes in for another attack but Dani again still attempts to fight him, but Vlad states that she doesn't dare use her powers against him and points out that Danny is beaten and this is over, before he can kill her though in a moment of pure luck out of nowhere Jack and Maddie's boomerang appears and hits him and Vlad picks it up and asks where did this came from suddenly the specter speeder commandeered by Sam and Tucker breaks into his lab hitting him and knocking him out, Tucker then comes out and puts the specter deflector on Vlad thus turning him back to human form and then states he can't focus his powers where Dani knocks unconscious telling him to stay away from her "cousin", in gratitude for saving her, Dani helps Danny and his friends out when they are about to face a potential punishment from Jack Maddie and Mr. Lancer for skipping school and taking the specter speeder by overshadowing Maddie and Lancer and make them get off the hook by telling Jack he can just make another ship thus letting Danny and his friends off the hook as Dani flies away to do her own heroic acts in her newfound freedom. (By far this was Vlad's cruelest role to date as he almost would of crossed the MEH had he killed Danielle as well as being very dangerous considering Danny used his ghostly wail on him and Tucker putting the specter deflector on him but nowhere near as bad as Dark Danny).

Becoming Mayor of Amity Park

With all else having failed, Vlad moves into a new mansion near Amity Park at the beginning of Eye For an Eye, Danny finds out and sends the guys in White to destroy his new home after he was finished exploring it tricking them into thinking that Vlad is in possession of ghost equipment, Vlad attempts to argue with them but the Guys in White destroy the house anyway devastating him, after not finding anything one of them mentions that the "Fenton kid" was wrong Vlad noting Danny is the one behind this tells him its game on, Danny and Tucker laugh at Vlad's expense in amusement much to Sam's concern he subsequently sends the guys in White to Fenton Works for the same reason until Sam tells them they can't search without a warrant.

Wanting to make Danny's life, miserable Vlad runs for mayor of Amity Park.

Now without a house Vlad, stays in a nearby hotel for the time being a news report, tells about Vlad's misfortune insisting that he had nothing to hide, Vlad comes out of the shower stating that Danny Phantom has ruined his reputation and made him a laughing stock of Wisconsin and states that no one should bow down to a laughing stock but also states his counter moves should be able to wear Danny down, Vlad gets a rude awakening by Danny when news helicopters surround his hotel room and Danny turns the walls invisible for them to see, Vlad then pulls the same prank on Danny when the whole cafeteria spots him taking a show courteousy of Vlad sending in his ghost vultures who make the walls invisible. Later Vlad buys the Nasty Burger from its owners and sends the Guys In White to destroy it claiming that the Nasty Burger has ghost energy inside, Vlad tells Danny this is a lesson to be learned but Danny angrily states he gets the idea and that he doesn't like it but this isn't over for him yet as Danny Sam and Tucker storm off where Vlad decides to run for Mayor after seeing a nearby billboard

Danny soon gets the news from Jack that Vlad is running for mayor of Amity Park where Maddie tells him that Vlad is a write in candidate, Vlad states on TV that if he is elected he hopes to bring new life into Amity Park prompting Danny to run to city hall and confront Vlad just as Vlad is finished talking to a news reporter as Vlad walks away Danny grabs his legs and takes him down to the basement of city hall, Vlad eagerly greats Danny asking him if he came to wish "uncle Vlad" good luck but Danny tells him that he should stop running for office but Vlad refuses to stating that his campaign is just beginning and goes ghost and Danny easily kicks him out of the building noting that Vlad is getting a little rusty but soon realizes that the Vlad he is fighting is a clone used to hold Danny off where nearby multiple Vlad clones overshadow the voters (including Jack) to vote for him thus making him win in a landslide.

The next day Vlad is finishing up his victory speech as he calls Danny up to the stage where he tells the public that Danny inspired him to run to run for mayor and that he will repay him and his friends by protecting the town from ghosts where Sam has a bad feeling about but Tucker states that he is only having a couple of laws but is completely wrong when he bans technology which greatly upsets Tucker as well as installing school uniforms that is non dark and gothic specifically made to irritate Sam, 4:00PM curfews, roll calls before and after classes and heighten security to ensure the safety of all students and to makes things more difficult for Danny where he installs surveillance cameras at every corner to ensure Danny can never go ghost and as such Vlad lies saying that Danny Phantom brings in ghosts as opposed to scaring them away and in order to prove his worth Vlad has the Guys in White capture ghosts that lurk Amity Park to which Danny believes that they are staged, to make Danny's life even more miserable he renames the Nasty Burger, McMasters and bans teenagers from entering causing Danny to be greatly hated by his peers.

"Whenever there's a draw there's bound to be a rematch. "

A frustrated Danny (with the help of Tucker who removes a surveillance camera so he can go ghost) confronts Vlad inside the restaurant where attempts to apologize to Vlad stating he is sorry for the pranks he pulled on him and that he hopes that he will accept his apology and stop making life miserable and even offers to shake his his hand, Vlad is surprised but refuses to comply to his pleas angering Danny who asks if he can even pretend to have a heart but Vlad states while the apology is a departure from his usual childish arrogance he states to Danny that he had this had this coming Danny tries to argue his way out but Vlad has the Guys in White step in to force him out when he states no teenagers as well as ghost teenagers are allowed in.

Determined to get back at Vlad, Danny Sam and Tucker recruit their classmates and form a protest outside McMaster's to protest it's anti-teenager policy, Vlad notices this and heads down to confront them where he addresses them as children to which Sam shifts him off stating they are not children and tell him to stop treating them that way with Vlad distracted Danny prepares to enact his plan as Jack and Maddie show up annoyed by Jack's presence Vlad tries to blend in with the teenager as Danny shows up and prepares to get at Vlad but Jack prepares to attack Danny, Vlad spares him and lets him have his word, Danny prepares to expose Vlad's secret as a ghost to the public but at that exact moment a Vlad Plasmius clone appears and prepares to terrorize the crowds as Danny confronts the clone as the human Vlad watches in amusement as the clone overwhelms Danny with an ecto-tornado where the human Vlad states that Danny Phantom attracts the worst of what the Ghost Zone has to offer and is too weak to stop them, Plasmius catches Phantom as the human Vlad grabs Jack's gun and prepares to attack his clone Danny then realizes that Vlad is zapping his clone to make himself look good but Danny then gets an idea of overshadowing the Plasmius clone as Vlad shoots the clone at his limo and causing an explosion, the now human Danny emerges to the wreckage where he Sam and Tucker conspire that Vlad injured Danny causing him to lose a majority of his supporters which greatly pleases Danny.

In an effort to save his status as the mayor, Vlad reluctantly reverses all his restrictions on the teenagers which gives back his support from the public as well as rebuilding the Nasty Burger to get back his support from the teens, Sam then tells Danny its a draw between the two but Danny knowing Vlad all to well states that "whenever there is a draw there is bound to be a rematch" as the episodes ends with the the two glaring at each other.

It appears that in order to get rid of his loneliness, Vlad has adopted a cat and named it "Maddie" showing more of his love for her in Infinite Realms where he plays chess with the cat and tells it that he rules at life and rules the city but that is not enough for him and that he is destined to rule much more greater things but apparently reading the cats mind where she suggests watch TV where it is revealed that he illegally spies on the Fenton's via a camera bot. In the meantime, Danny, Sam and Tucker having accidentally taken the infi-map from Frostbite prepares to head back to him to give the map back to him, Vlad notices Danny having possession of the map and pulls out a book to discover that the infi-map does exist and isn't happy that Danny had found it before he did in order to trace his steps Vlad has his camera bug hide in Sam's bag.

Vlad steals the infi-map from Danny, Tucker and Sam using to begin his rule.

They eventually land in Salem in the 1600s where Vlad follows, there where witch craft trials are being held Vlad dresses as a villager and tell the villagers that Sam is a witch, Danny and Tucker then figure out that Vlad had followed him, Danny then tries to rescue Sam as he turns the crowds (as well as Jack Fentons ancestor) attention to him where Jack's ancestor put blossoms surrounding Sam that is a force field that injures Danny upon coming contact with, Vlad then picks up Danny and shoves him in the circle injuring him and torturing him, Tucker then runs to rescue Danny and Sam as Vlad steals the map from Tucker who notices this and grabs his camera bot and throws it at him and and lands on him something that Vlad does not apparently notice Tucker manages to rescue the two and the the three follow Vlad where Tucker states he can track Vlad through this PDA.

The trio then confront Vlad in ancient Rome where he is surprised them and they are surprised to see him rule where he states that he was meant to rule after all, Danny states he can stay for as long as he wants but asks him to give him the map stating that he doesn't know how powerful it is angered at him Vlad releases his lions to maul the trio but they quickly escape and Danny chases Vlad but in the process he shoots ecto-plasmic discs at Danny accidentally destroying the kingdom and angering the Romans, angered Vlad leaves to for another realm to rule, Vlad then lands in Asia where he attempts to rule the kingdom but is stopped by Danny and gets confronted by the townsfolk, Vlad eventually lands in 1903 where the Wright Brothers are testing out their first airplane flight and as such tries to sabotage their attempt their flight so he can rule from the air but Danny again intervenes angering Vlad.

With Danny, Sam and Tucker right behind him an annoyed Vlad traps them into an ecto-sphere where Danny and Sam tell him to give them the map as the map is not meant for him but Vlad refuses to listen and this time Vlad threatens the map to take him to greatest destiny and it betrays him and takes it back to the Realm of the Far Frozen where he is confronted by Frostbite and his cohorts where they freeze him into an ice cube as well as retrieving the map from Vlad, the trio returns and apologizes to Frostbite who state it is no harm done they then return home where Vlad still frozen is made into a statue.

A heatwave soon strikes Amity Park at the beginning of Torrent of Terror, Vlad uses the heatwave as an opportunity to further appeal his status as the mayor by seeking out the weather ghost Vortex who is currently being held on trial by the Observants for his crimes against humanity just before Vortex is sentenced, Vlad disguises himself as one of the Observants and breaks into the trial and causes havoc before introducing himself to Vortex and breaks him free, Vlad tells him that there is no need to thank him but Vortex tells Vlad he he should be rejoicing that he is even allowed in his presence then prepares to leave to cause chaos on the earth but Vlad having stolen the Barometer from the Observants forces Vortex to do his bidding and he agrees.

Vlad has Vortex fly in the sky while he addresses the citizens about the current heat wave and water shortages he disguises the barometer as a "rain machine" he uses it to strike Vortex who creates a rain storm which causes the city to cool down from the heat making the citizens happy and making Danny and his friends suspicious as well as causing his approval rating to go up tremendously.

Vlad's plan to further appeal his status a mayor backfires on him

Later, the plan succeeds and Vlad and Vortex chat in his office but the plan eventually backfires on Vlad when he asks Vortex to stop the rain storm to which he refuses stating the weather is his art, in retaliation Vlad uses the barometer on Vortex who rebels against Vlad and destroys the barometer thus freeing him from Vlad's control before Vortex leaves Vlad office intending to cause more chaos, an angry Vlad goes ghost and chases after Vortex where he shoots a ghost ray at him annoying Vortex who retaliates by striking Vlad with a lightning bolt, Vortex states to Vlad since he refused his freedom he intensifies the storm before blowing Vlad out of his sight and falls onto the ground causing him to de-transform.

After alerting the citizens to broaden up their windows and batten down their hatches a humiliated and defeated Vlad heads over to Fenton Works where a desperate Vlad begs Danny for his help. Despite the hatred he has for him Danny agrees, On the way there Danny criticizes Vlad for releasing Vortex in order to bring his approval rating up, Vlad then tells Danny that he doesn't expect him to understand his reasons and that if they are going to defeat Vortex they must do it together, But upon reaching Vortex who asks if he came to admire his weather, Vlad remembering his confrontation with Vortex earlier chickens out and leaves Danny to fight Vortex on his own, the ghost boy then attempts to fight Vortex but the weather ghost proves too much for Danny who easily defeats him as well as given Danny part of his weather powers which are triggered by Danny's emotions.

Danny emerges safely from the wreckage and Vlad appears assuring the citizens everything is fine but Danny's anger at his presence causes a tornado which chases after Vlad but stops when Danny sees his parents are in danger, Danny goes over to help his parents but are confronted by Sam and Tucker who tell him that the weather is cause by his emotions something that surprises Vlad, Danny's anger again causes a small storm cloud to appear and chase after Vlad, Danny then states he felt a tingle when the lightning blew up his shield, Vlad then realizes that the electricity passing through his ecto shield has caused him to absorb Vortex's weather controlling powers with Sam telling Danny to calm down before they have another storm.

Later, Vlad takes the teenage trio to his office where Sam and Tucker try to calm him down, Vlad angrily states that he was close to victory when Danny's powers triggered by his emotions threatens his plan, to which Danny again gets angry at Vlad stating that he brought Vortex in the first place causing heavy winds to blow into his office but Sam and Tucker calm him again, Vlad states his anger causes cyclone's and his sadness monsumes he states he will have to stay calm while Sam and Tucker find Vortex and bring him back to Amity Park, Tucker then asks what he is going to do but Vlad states the mayor's absence in the wake of disaster will look bad for his image to which Sam states which would also end his political career and subsequent evil plans, forcing Vlad to take care of Danny and keep him calm as Sam and Tucker head out to find Vortex but Danny again refuses but Tucker and Sam point out that Vlad must do all his bidding in order to keep him calm and happy which pleases him much to a worried Vlad who tortures the latter in an effort to have him calm down Vlad takes him to a gaming convention where he calls him "Uncie Vlad" but Danny's anger again causes the sprinklers to go off and ruin the video games causing an annoyed Vlad to buy all the ruined video games much to his frustration.

In the meantime, Sam and Tucker steal the Fenton blimp as Vortex causes havoc around the world with his weather powers they eventually track him down in Italy where the duo tricks him into returning to Amity Park by stating Danny Phantom scared them away, Vortex heads back to Amity Park where a grateful Vlad transforms and throws Danny outside where the former heads to Vortex ordering him to stop his insanity and remove Danny's ghost powers before throwing him to Sam and Tucker, Danny then uses Tucker's virtual reality helmet to cause his weather powers to turn against Vortex which severely weakens him and Danny captures him in the Fenton thermos, Danny states to Sam and Tucker that Vlad's ego almost caused Amity Park to be destroyed but Sam and Tucker point out that Danny's emotions are no longer tied to the weather. In the aftermath Danny returns Vortex to the Observants as Vlad makes a public announcement blaming Danny, Sam and Tucker for the mess that Vortex made angering them.

While Vlad makes no appearance (aside from a billboard) whatsoever in Urban Jungle his off-screen actions none the less play an important role in the episode in which his beautification campaign cuts down the forest to make way for new buildings this is enough for an angry Undergrowth to appear and for him to enslave the citizens (and possibly Vlad) and cause them to transform Amity Park into a jungle but Danny having barely learned to control his newfound ice powers manages to defeat Undergrowth freeing the citizens and presumably Vlad as well.

Vlad makes a cameo appearance in Livin Large where he is in complete shock and disbelief that the Fentons moved in to a mansion that is right next door to his mansion after the guys in white attempt to open the Renton portal back at Fenton works, Vlad angrily state he can not afford this house but states the huge check he got he is able to, Jack then suggests getting together for a BBQ at some point to which Vlad isn't too keen of just then Maddie comes out of the mansion and isn't too pleased to see that Vlad is her neighbor but Vlad obviously is happy to see Maddie and states he would drop by later.

Vlad makes another cameo appearance in Frightmare in which Danny suggests he is responsible of people falling asleep but is relived when he barges into Vlad's bedroom and discovers that is also has a sleeping helmet on suggesting that Nocturne caught Vlad off-guard and put a helmet on him before putting him into bed.

Final Showdown and Defeat

Vlad Summons Valerie to go find Danielle.

By the beginning of D-Stablized Danielle makes a return having been battered greatly from the last fight with Vlad seeks out for Danny whom she feels he can help her stable her deteriorating body thinking Vlad is in Colorado she believes she is safe from him but unbeknownst to her she is being spied by Vlad, wanting to capture her again and continue his clone experimentation, he sends Valerie Gray to hunt her down promising her a new apartment for her and her father if she is successful at her mission he tells her that Dani is an evil ghost out to destroy Vlad Masters as such she sets out to track Dani down.

She soon finds her near an Alleyway but Dani changes back to human form as she takes two apples to satisfy her hunger to which angers Valerie who thinks Dani is no a ghost due to being in human form just then Valerie's alarm goes of alerting Dani who runs away as Valerie chases after her she then seek refuge in an abandoned apartment Valerie come in and accidentally sets off a trap forcing Dani to go ghost and save her unfortunately by revealing her identity and secret to Valerie she quickly captures her she begs for her to let her go but Valerie states she has her all bundled up for her to be delivered to Vlad, but Dani tells her that he will destroy her but Valerie states to her that she came out of the Ghost Zone to destroy him but she then asks Valerie if she looks like she can destroy anything and also states that one person that can help her Danny Phantom, Valerie wanting to destroy Danny Phantom as well pretends that she wants the "honor" of meeting Danny Phantom.

Meanwhile as Danny, Sam and Tucker are patrolling Amity Park for ghost activity they come across Dani to which Danny states he gotten taken care of as Sam and Tucker abruptly leave, Danny state she doesn't look to good which Danielle responds that the last battle with Vlad left her weakened she then tells him that when she was trying to look for him, Dani states that Vlad came out to destroy her to which Danny states he will protect her just as they leave though Valerie captures them and Dani realizes Valerie was using her to get to Danny before she knocks both of them them unconscious.

Valerie hands Dani over to Vlad as Valerie interrogates Danny until Danny convinces her that Vlad is out to destroy her stating that she doesn't look like she can destroy anything and not only that she is a ghost but a human he then tells that if Vlad succeeds in dissecting her she would be guilty in destroying a human being guilting her into helping Danny. Meanwhile Vlad puts Dani on experimentation table as she tells him to stay away from her but then asks Vlad is he will stabilize her but he refuse to do so stating that he has far more important things to do he then states his plan to unstablize her thus killing her to study her ectoplasmic remains so he can create the perfect clone of Danny.

Vlad preparing to kill Danielle and dissect her remains for a new clone

Freeing Danny, the duo heads over to Fenton works where Danny takes Jack's latest invention that helps stables Dani's body then fly to Vlad's manor where Dani is being held Vlad notices and is hocked that Danny and Valerie teamed up and they are incoming and as such he splits himself into two one of which is Masters who purposely locks himself inside a closet as the Plasmius clone greets Danny and Valerie upon their arrival, upon arriving Plasmius confronts Danny and Valerie, but Danny states that he doesn't want to fight Vlad but that he wants to save Danielle but Vlad refuses to do so, he hits Danny and traps him under a bookshelf he then fights Valerie who traps him but he turns invisible and heads down to his lab where he activates his machine that slowly dissects her, thinking that Vlad Masters is trapped by Plasmius, he "calls for help" Danny then awakens and heads down to Vlad's lab noticing Valerie is standing there, Vlad then calls for help stating that Plasmius is going to destroy Danielle and as such Valerie frees him thinking Masters is still a good man as Danny goes to free Danielle, Valerie attacks Plasmius, Danny then tries to free her from her restraints by his ghost ray, Vlad Plasmius then taunts him by saying that it's going to take more than his ghost rays to free her then Valerie presumably destorys the clone, Danny uses his dad's Ecto-dejecto but it is too late as Dani dissolves into a pool of ecto-plasm, saddening Danny.

Just as Danny has thought to lost his "cousin" she emerges from the goo finally having her body full stablized thanks Danny the duo then help Valerie to fight Vlad as Dani attacks him and angrily tells him to not mess with a defenseless girl, Danny had Valerie and Danielle leave, Danny confronts Vlad stating that Vlad tricked Valerie into thinking that Vlad Plasmius was out to kill Danielle leaving Vlad Masters in the clear and states if only she knew that Masters and Plasmius were the same, Vlad retorts by stating that Danny can tell her about his secret all he wants but he would just do the same to Danny, Danny then angrily orders him to not come near her again with Vlad smirking at him as he leaves, After Danielle leaves and Valerie lets Danny go, Valerie still thinking Vlad is in danger heads back down to his lab she hides as Vlad rambles about his failed plans and over hears him stating about him using her to do his bidding, she also discovers that Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius are the same being, Angered that he had been using her all this time, Valerie stabs Vlad behind his back and betrays him stating he now one of the ghost she hunts.

Vlad vowing to defeat Danny Phantom, once and for all.

At the beginning of the series finale Phantom Planet Vlad steals the Infi-Map again from Frostbite but Danny, Sam and Tucker are right behind him in the specter speeder the duo engage in a quick battle where Danny states needs therapy to get what he wants he then freezes him into an ice cube and takes the Infi-Map from Vlad and leaves, angered, Vlad chases after them before he accidentally shoots the fuel tanks realizing his satellite will be destroyed, an angry Vlad states that Danny mocking his mental health is the final straw for him and as such plans to destroy him once and for all and heads back to earth and unbeknownst to him with his satellite exploding it causes a giant asteroid had towards earth.

Back in Amity Park, Vlad hires a ghost fighting trio named Masters Blasters who show's up to defeat Nicolai Technus who was robbing a movie store, Vlad then appears on a holographic screen who tells the citizens of his new ghost fighting team and states that they are going to replace Danny Phantom whom he says has failed Amity Park and as such every time Danny fights a ghost they appear and easily defeats them which overwhelms Danny, the next day Vlad and his ghost fighting team hold a parade as Danny laminates his status as a ghost fighter he embarrasses himself when he blows up a ghost balloon angering the citizens of Amity Park where Vlad states that Amity Park is in a safer place thanks to his ghost fighting team angering Danny further, Later Vlad sends Masters Blaster's comes to Fenton Works to arrest Jack and Maddie for holding ghosts, this proves to be the final straw for Danny who activates the ghost portal to reverse the accident that gave him his ghost powers to remove his powers thus no longer being a half ghost, much to his friends and Jazz's disappointment.

Later, Vlad soon has the people pay for Master Blasters as ghost hunting become more expensive and that there a few crackpots out there showing Valerie being easily defeated hinting that she had already made moves against him from the previous episode meanwhile Danny is enjoying his ghost hunting free life but soon late regrets his decision to remove his ghost powers, Later scientists discover that asteroid is heading towards earth and that they have one week before impact and as such Vlad teams up with the Fenton's as such he sends his Master Blasters team with Jack to fire a drill missile intending to destroy it from the inside unbeknownst to everyone he put in the wrong coordinates to make Jack look like an idiot and as such the missiles fail to destroy the asteroid.

Vlad revealing his secret identity to the entire world .

After everyone leaves Vlad confronts Danny telling him that he put in the wrong coordinates and tells him that his father has failed once again angering Danny who chews him out by saying that at least he tried and that Vlad sends others to do his work for him, but Vlad points out to Danny that he stopped being a hero when the world needed a hero the most, just then a news report come out that the disateroid came from the rings of Saturn and as such Danny discovered that Vlad is responsible behind all the events a such Vlad turns into his ghost form and grabs him and tells him that defeating him and humiliating him into hiding was the first part of his plan and tells him to get ready for the second part before throwing him into the destroyed portal and leaving. The next day Vlad has a town meeting, stating that every attempt to destroy the disasteroid has failed he states he has news that will be very surprising as such he floats above the crowd, going ghost and revealing his secret as a half ghost and half human shocking everyone including Danny and Jack, The Master's Blaster then attempt to attack him but he easily fends them off, he then reveals that he used his human half to walk among the citizens he states he is much more powerful creature, when asked by a news reporter, he states that the world had come to know Vlad as a billionaire and mayor of Amity Park he is also a half ghost named Vlad Plasmius, he then states he has proposition if the world leaders give him 500 billion dollars and make him absolute ruler of the world in return he will use his powers to turn the disasteroid intangible he then states he hopes to wait for the worlds decision before laughing and disappearing.

Vlad angrily reveals to Jack that he is the reason why he is half-ghost

Later, after his demands are met, Vlad takes off in a rocket with Jack, on the way there Jack asks Vlad why he held the world hostage after all the wealth he had in his life, but Vlad states he infected him with ghost DNA, stole Maddie from him and asks if he calls that good fortune, Jack asks about infecting Vlad, he angrily reveals his hatred for Jack from him stating that he is the reason why Vlad became half-ghost was because Jack infected him with ghost DNA back in college, but as they approach the asteroid he says thanks to him because if not for him he wouldn't become ruler of the earth, Jack gets up and states he never meant to hurt him and states what happened was an accident and that he was always his friend, but Vlad cruelly state he will remember that when he steals Maddie from Jack and make her his queen before laughing evilly and leaving the ship angering Jack and making him realize that Vlad isn't who he thought he was. Vlad then heads over to the disasteroid and prepares to turn it intangible but it shocks him and to his horror he discovers that the disateroid is made up of ecto-ranium as such no ghosts nor any humans are able to touch it as such he realizes the world is doomed he then states if it was not he could not go back to earth as he had foolishly revealed his secret as a ghost and threatened the planet knowing that he would be hunted for the rest of his life, he turns to Jack who is giving him a cold glare, Vlad asks Jack to help him more stating he would not turn back on an old friend. But Jack now knowing that the Vlad Masters he knew was gone states he would not turn back on an old friend but said he would now because he knows Vlad is an evil person all along and as such he activates the rocket and abandons Vlad, shunning his former college pal, leaving him stranded in space and cementing Vlad's permanent exile from the earth.

Vlad finally accepting his loneliness and isolation.

It is here, that Vlad finally realizes the error of his actions and realizes he should not have taken Jack's friendship for granted and as such he begins to express remorse for his actions and it is shown that he indeed has an affectionate and caring side from him but it is too late for him as his actions forever earned him hatred around the world, not wanting to see the destruction of the earth from his own hand's . Vlad guiltily glanced at the earth one final time before flying off into space as a space nomad.

Hours later after Danny with the help from Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Jack, Maddie as well as Skulker and other ghosts from the ghost zone manage to turn the earth intangible so the disateroid passes through it harmlessly, he earned his status as world hero and he and Sam finally hook up while Tucker inexplicably replaces him as mayor of Amity Park, Vlad is sitting on an asteroid finally accepting his status as a free-roaming space nomad stating that it least the environment is quiet but before he can continue to speak, the disateroid hits him. His fate remains unknown if he had survived the impact or not. but it is heavily implied that he survived, as according to Butch Hartman, Vlad survived the impact and was captured by aliens.

Nicktoons Unite

Vlad appears in the Nickelodeon crossover video game Nicktoons Unite! as one

Vlad as he appears in Nicktoons Unite.

of the four main antagonists where Professor Calamitous having stolen a portal project from Jimmy Neutron that gives him access to other worlds, recruits Vlad along with fellow Butch Hartman villain Denzel Quincy Crocker and Plankton all of whom tried to take over the world at one point or another all team up and form the Evil Syndicate Vlad soon is tasked with stealing ghost energy from the ghost zone, Jimmy finds out about this and recruits Vlad's archnnemisis Danny Phantom Spongebob Squarepants and Timmy Turner. together the foursome confront Vlad who has taken residence at Casper high and states he has been waiting for them to arrive he states he has Jack and Maddie captured to pressure Danny into joining him and the other villains but Danny refuses to do so, Vlad states he cannot resist telling him that the syndicate cannot be defeated as well as being provided with unlimited ghost energy but Danny again refuses his offer, as such Vlad knocks the heroes unconscious and hands them over to Walker where he imprisons them but they manage to escape. Danny and the other heroes learn from Sam and Tucker that the ghosts possessed the citizens of Amity Park as such Danny and the other heroes clear up the town before heading to Vlad's castle where the shut down the generators and confront Vlad at his throne room where he taunts Danny that he has his parents hostage angering him who possesses Jack  and with the ghost gauntlets and the assistance from Jimmy, Timmy and Spongebob manages to defeat him though before leaving he tells Danny that their battle is far from over before retreating back to Retroville. In the meantime the heroes head to the Bikini Bottom to deal with Plankton before heading to Fairy World to deal with Crocker before heading back to Retroville where the heroes are contacted by Calamitous. Through a Flea-Bot in Goddard's system, Jimmy manages to track Calamitous and the other villains at their hideout. Vlad taunts Danny when he says even the villains will be destroyed if they go through with their plan. Vlad and the others are eventually defeated by the heroes where Vlad is trapped in the Fenton Thermos taken back to Amity Park by Danny. 

While presumably non-canon to the show itself the events of the game would have taken place after The Ultimate Enemy!  due to Danny having the Ghostly Wail as an ability. 

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