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Vladimir is one of the central antagonists of the horror-based game Waxworks. He is an evil necromancer and one of the numerous "evil twins" of the player's ancestors (as a result of Ixona's curse) whom they must travel back in time to face.


Vladimir was born approximately at least 400 years prior to the present day, where, like all the evil twins before him, he started a reign of terror. He turned to the black arts and necromancy as a way of achieving power, and used said power to summon an army of zombie slaves to do his bidding, also capturing a vampire and taming it into becoming his personal bodyguard. Posing as a priest by day, he acquired a church situated at the local graveyard and used this as his base of operations. Although suspicions arouse about his true nature, he was never tried or arrested by the authorities or challenged by the local witch hunters. Over the years, Vladimir grew in power due to his atrocities and became virtually unaffected by the passing of time and was unable to be killed by non-magical means.

Aware and obsessed with his family's curse, Vladimir had his zombies recover the bodies of the deceased good twins so he could make them suffer via resurrecting them from their graves and binding them inside coffins so they could never experience the peace of true death. It is said that every day he would arrive to taunt them and it is suggested that he may of committed unspeakable acts to the corpses either out of spite or perversion (for example, they state that every day he would "play with them and mock them", suggesting more than just torture was involved).

In the present day, the player, the most recent "good" twin, is able to use his uncle Boris' waxwork collection to travel across time to undo the evils of Vladimir and the other evil twins. After fighting through Vladimir's zombies, slaying the vampire and freeing the spirits of the trapped good twins, with help from Boris, the player utilizes the souls of the good twins to defeat the evil necromancer via regressing his age until he is reduced to a harmless infant. It is later said that the baby Vladimir was devoured by zombies off-screen.

In Curse of the Ancestors

Vladimir returns with a voice in the remake/remaster Waxworks: Curse of the Ancestors. He appears in the second chapter of Curse of the Ancestors with his name now being Nathaniel Blackwood.

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