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Vladimir Menshikov is the main antagonist of Rick Riordan's 2011 novel The Throne of Fire, which is the second book in The Kane Chronicles series. He is an agent of the House of Life and the third most powerful magician in the world.

Vladimir is the grandson of Prince Menshikov, who was descended from the priest of Atum-Ra. The second scroll of the Book of Ra was passed down through the generations and eventually went to Vladimir. He tried to use the scroll to bring back Ra, but sun fire seared his throat and face. This gave him a raspy voice and ruined eyes.


Menshikov is first seen in Sadie's dream vision, where Desjardins orders him to stop Carter and Sadie from awakening Ra.

Later, Carter and Sadie invade Menshikov's palace to see Menshikov performing an execration on his demon servant in order to summon Set. While talking to Set, Menshikov reveals his plans to free Apophis and launch an assault on Brooklyn House. Set reveals Carter and Sadie's presence to Menshikov, who summons a tjesu heru monster to kill them. Under Sadie's orders, Set distracts Menshikov while Carter and Sadie outrun and kill Vlad's monster.

Menshikov and Desjardins track Carter and Bes to Zia Rashid's tomb, where Carter has woken Zia. Menshikov locks Bes in a magic cage and proceeds to try to subdue Carter. Carter fights back, nearly killing Menshikov. However, Menshikov casts a spell that begins to turn Carter into a snake. Sadie and Walt arrive, freeing Bes and ending Menshikov's spell. Bes drives off both Desjardins and Menshikov.

Menshikov hires an array of House of Life criminals, including Sarah Jacobi and Kwai, to attack Brooklyn House while he goes through the Duat after Carter and Sadie.

In the Duat, Menshikov goes to Apophis' prison to free him and become his host. Carter, Sadie, and Ra, who are then joined by Desjardins, arrive to stop him. Desjardins fights Menshikov while Sadie reads from the Book of Ra to summon the spirit of Khepri to complete Ra. Menshikov strikes Desjardins down, but Carter and Sadie entrap him in a prison of ice. Apophis breaks Menshikov free and uses his body as a host. Apophis, in Menshikov's body, approaches Ra, but is attacked by Desjardins once again. Desjardins sacrifices his life to execrate Apophis, banishing him deeper into the Duat, delaying his rise, and killing Menshikov in the process.


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