Dr. Vladimir Pavel Maximov

Dr. Vladimir Pavel Maximov

Dr. Vladimir Pavel Maximov
is an occult scientist who is part of a secret cult that wanted to summon one of the Old Ones and a villain in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. Vladimir is from Minsk, capital of Belarus, a country annexed into the Soviet Union. He was assisted by a man named Dmitri Smerdyakov.

He was voiced by Star Trek original series' veteran, Walter Koenig, who also played the Russian Pavel Chekov.


Vladimir presented a paranormal theory, that took him 20 years to compose, to the paranormal conference: the Titanic sank because it crashed into Elvis. He was soon laughed off stage but secretly used the time to steal The Nameless Book and then accuse the Ghostbusters to keep them from stopping him.

Eventually, he summoned the Old One, but the Ghostbusters managed to defeat it. Vladimir and his associate along with their fellow cult members were then arrested.


Vladimir is not a very nice guy. He calls the Ghostbusters frauds and also openly said that the Old One would help him rule the world alone (without Dmitri). He also seems to be a bit careless, as he called Einstein a fraud without thinking that it would make Egon mad enough to beat him up something bad. Dmitri is his comic foil, as he always takes his partner's abuse without any complaint.



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