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Vladislaus Straud is a resident and founder of the neighborhood shipped with The Sims 4 game pack Vampires. He is a vampire who lives in a dark, secluded estate overlooking the town of Forgotten Hollow.


Vladislaus lives on his own in Straud Mansion and begins with §20,000. He has a painting called "Count Vladislaus Straud I" Vladislaus turned Miss Hell into a vampire who then turned Caleb Vatore. Vlad also turned Caleb's sister, Lilith Vatore. Vlad is the founder and owner of Forgotten Hollow, Vlad has currently lived 200 years in Forgotten Hollow as soon as you start up a new game with Vampires installed.  There is a statue in the middle of the town, sim locals believe it to be Vlads grandfather, but the local vampires know that it is of Vlad himself. Vlad also has a cousin named Arthur Climate, though the Climates do not know that Vlad is a vampire. In the Sims, he is listed as being a Young Adult and his life state being a vampire.


  • Vladislaus Straud's Sim design highly resembles Count Dracula played by John Carradine in the film House of Dracula (1945)
  • Vladislaus Straud's Dark Form design highly resembles Count Orlok from the film Nosferatu.
  • "Vladislaus" is Latin version of Slavic name (Polish "Władysław", Czech and Russian "Vladislav" etc.).
  • "Straud" may be a play on 'Strahd' von Zarovich, the vampiric antagonist of Dungeon and Dragon's Ravenloft setting.