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Vo-Lok is a historical figure and antagonist in the Gameknight999 series. He is mentioned throughout the series, until he appears as the secondary antagonist of The Great Zombie Invasion.

He is a zombie-king created by Herobrine, and was the forerunner of Xa-Tul.


The Birth of Herobrine

In the first book, The Great Zombie Invasion, Vo-Lok is created by Herobrine as a monster-king to lead Herobrine's army of monsters. Shaikulud and Oxus are created as well.

Vo-Lok acts as Herobrine's second-in-command during the war, leading the army of zombies to attack the NPC villages. The NPCs, led by Smithy and Gameknight, resist every attack.

A major battle takes place at Two-Sword Pass, where Smithy is killed in battle. Gameknight, having taken upon Smithy's mantle, engages Vo-Lok and kills him.


  • In Trouble In Zombie-Town, Gameknight and Crafter have a discussion about how Xa-Tul was the name of a zombie general who lived during The Great Zombie Invasion. The zombie they were referring to was most likely Vo-Lok, having been renamed by the author so that the readers wouldn't confuse Vo-Lok with Xa-Tul.
  • Whereas Two-Sword Pass is called that name by the NPCs, the monsters call it Vo-Lok's pass in honor of the fallen zombie king.


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