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Vodka is a wealthy gangster/manager and an anime-only antagonist from the Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z series. He serves as a minor antagonist in Tenshinhan Saga and Cell Games Saga.

He was voiced by Kozo Shioya in Japanese and both Kyle Hebert and Sonny Strait in English.


Vodka is the manager of Pamput, a skilled and famous martial artist who participated in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament and was about to face the previous runner up Goku in the Quarter Finals. Vodka had heard rumors about Goku destroying the Red Ribbon Army and even watched a sparring session he had with Master Roshi, thus started to worry that his client Pamput would lose which would harm both's careers. He then followed Goku, who had went for a run, and told him that the fight arena moved to another place, offering to drive him there. That way he could buy time so that Pamput would win without a fight. However, his plans were ruined by Goku's friend Launch, who happened to notice them. After Launch beat both of his bodyguards, Vodka apologized to Goku telling him that he only wanted Pamput to win. Thankfully for him, Launch happened to transform back to her good form, preventing him from taking a beating. Pamput eventually lost the match very easily.

Fourteen years later, around the time Cell announced the Cell Games, Vodka wanted to collect the Dragon Balls in order to become ruler of the world and hired Tao Pai Pai to find them. Tao found 2 of them and delivered them to him. At the same time, Goku who was also collecting the Dragon Balls went into Vodka's fortress. After easily overcoming his traps he found Vodka's office and met his old nemesis Tao Pai Pai. Seeing that they will never take the Dragon Balls from Goku by force, Tao decided to trick Goku by having him solve three ring puzzles by the next day, promising to give him the Dragon Balls if he manages to do it, otherwise they would keep them. Tao secretly stole Goku's vest, which had the remaining Dragon Balls and left the fortress. Goku managed to solve the puzzle and easily found them using his Instant Transmission technique. Vodka had no other choice than to let him have them all.



  • Goku
  • Launch
  • Cell


  • Pamput
  • Tao Pai Pai


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