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Many ages have passed, and men are still fools. They shall fall into ruin, as we Azran did in times past.
~ The Voice of the Azran

The Voice of the Azran is a computer program that lives within Aurora, and can be considered the Bigger Bad of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. Although it only has two appearances, it is responsible for nearly causing the destruction of humanity, and shows no mercy for the idea of genocide.



When Aurora was built, she had a program installed in her that contained the thoughts of the Azran people. The Voice's main purpose was to lead mankind to awaken the golems.

The Azran Legacy

After Aurora disappears into the forest near Lake Kohd, The Voice takes her over and leads her to a map hidden underneath Lake Kohd. Layton, Emmy, and Luke catch up with it, and it speaks to them, stating the name of the body it is in is Aurora. It tells them the glowing runes in the room are keys called Azran eggs that need to be found in order to awaken the Azran legacy. It then shuts down, making Aurora collapse, and allowing her to be in charge of the vessel for most of the game.

After Leon Bronev stabs Aurora in the heart to awaken the Legacy, The Voice takes over, states mankind are fools, and that they shall be destroyed in the same manner as the Azran. After Layton, Luke, Emmy, and Bronev discover the Azran Dolls are destroying Froenborg, The Voice walks out, and explains how the Azran were destroyed. Bronev then breaks down in front of The Voice, stating he lost everything to awaken the legacy, and that he was trying to do this for a brighter future. It shows no sympathy for Bronev and allows Aurora to take over again.

It is assumed that after Aurora disintegrated, it was destroyed, and not reincarnated with Aurora.


Unlike Bronev who just wants to rule the world instead of destroying it, The Voice purposely tried to cause humanity's destruction. It is cold-hearted, manipulative, and quick to judgement.


When the Voice takes over Aurora, her hair starts floating, and her eyes turn completely blue.


Worthless fools... driven by greed and lust for power... You have released a hail of destruction upon the world. Your people will suffer the same fate as the Azran.
~ The Voice of the Azran people to Leon Bronev.


  • For an odd reason, although Aurora is the one who speaks to Jean Descole when he is hallucinating, she takes on the appearance of The Voice.


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