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The Void are major antagonists in the SteamWorld series of indie games, first appearing in SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

The Void was first seen burning a village, only to have their soldiers fight against Armilly and Copernica, where even one of their commanders known as Captain Canary when to fight against them but failed and retreated. Some Void soldiers may still be seen outside of the Village, ready to fight against Armilly, Copernica and Galleo. The Void may have also hired some of the wild creatures throughout the land to help them with their plans. There are also some Void soldiers that appear underground where they where garden the guild members that they kept prisoner. Although unknown to them their prisoners were freed leaving to Captain Canary and a Dragon to fight against Armilly, Copernica, Galleo and Orik. After the captain's defeat, it was noted that the Void army took over the alchemist college where the brats and the alchemic creatures were fighting against the Fellowship of misfits. Only for Headmistress Hyapathia to fight against her former student and his friends, as she allied herself with the Void army. After she lost she drank a potion and left. While no longer part of the army Captain Canary fought against the group of heroes once more and lost, only to wheel away afterward. Gilgamech and some of Void Soldiers where he took the Necronomicog, zapped the fellowship and left to go back to his castle. The Void soldiers appear around and throughout the castle where they would fight against the Fellowship, only for them to see a caged Captain Canary and left. The leader, Gilgamech fought against the Fellowship twice, only to give up both times and tried to fight against the Behemoth that he fought against back when he was a hero, only to lose and was electrically paralyzed. It can be assumed to have been disbanded or became minigolf managers.

Known Void Members

  • Wiggs
  • Budge
  • Void Soldier
  • Field Mage
  • Captain Canary
  • Subterranean Trooper
  • Subterranean Mage
  • Omega Theta Brat
  • Ardor Daemonculus
  • Delta Tau Punk
  • Gamma Lota Rook
  • Headmistress Hyapathia
  • Gilgamech (leader)
  • Frost Trooper
  • Highland Mage
  • Cataegis Deamonculus
  • Sanctum Elite
  • Sanctum Mage
  • Ghyra Lieutenant

Powers and Abilities

Cards: The Void Soldiers will use five elements through their battles. Although the ones they mainly use are Physical which is mainly used by Void Soldiers and Arcane magic, which is usually used by Field Mages.


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