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Erdammeru, better known as the Void Hound, is a powerful antagonist from DC comics and an enemy of Green Lantern, it is the creation of the Weaponers of Qward and a deadly entity from the Anti-Matter Universe, which is an evil counterpart to the mainstream DC universe.


Erdammeru has his origins in the mythology of the Weaponers of Qward, who worshipped the entity as an embodiment of many of their own fearsome ideals - with time the Weaponers would create a vast star-weapon known as the Void Hound and believed it to be a physical incarantion of their ancient god.

Thus the Weaponers set the Void Hound loose upon the cosmos, believing they had tamed their god and made him a weapon - they succeeded a little too well, however, as soon the Void Hound became a major threat to most life in the DC universe.


Void Hound is a monstrous engine of destruction, it was built to be a destroyer and thus its personality is limited to destruction - however it also has a more divine (if still vicious) cunning at times and embodies not just a machine of war but a primal hunter-god, eager to pursue prey and consume it.



  • it has been stated that Edrammeru began life as an idea within the Weaponers and that their very belief in him willed him into existence, this is common in DC, where collective imagination is often said to create gods, demons and even some superheroes (this force is known as the Collective Consciousness and is how beings such as Mister Mxyzptlk gain their power).
  • in its metallic wolf form the entity shares some similarities to Marvel's Warwolves but is obviously far greater in scale.
  • Edrammeru has been referred to as the "great Beast" on a few occassions, this may be a reference to the Biblical demon of the same name which is believed to signal the End Times in Christian theology.


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