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Volcanus is a minor antagonist from Swat Kats and the main antagonist of Volcanus Erupts.


Volcanus is a gigantic golem-like rock demon that has a kat-like face.

Powers and Abilities

Volcanus has the power of breathing fire and throwing fireballs and can burn the enviroment with a touch and can melt metal.

He is also capable of traversing underwater despite water usually being successful at extinguishing fire.


Volcanus emerges from a volcano when a construction vehicle mistakenly destroys a statue maintaining the seal placed on him and the fiend starts attacking the area around him.

When Manx's party escapes via boat, Volcanus pursues them underwater where he seemingly died until he re-emerges at Mega Kat City's docks and goes on a rampage across the city.

Eventually, Razor manages to plant a bomb in the monster's body to destroy him.


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