Volcdramon is a minor villain in the Digimon Fusion season 3.


Volcdramon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that resembles a colossal volcano-like dragon that has six volcano lumps on his back.

Digimon Fusion (season 3)

Tagiru, Taki, Yu, and Hidaki went to an island in DigiQuartz for the gathering of the other Hunters to capture Volcdramon. However, Volcdramon was too powerful and scared away three Hunters named Haruki, Noburo, and Ken, and easily defeated Tagiru and his friends. Then Kihira and MetalGreymon arrived on the scene, and Kihira Digivolved MetalGreymon into ZekeGreymon and found the weak spot of Volcdramon, allowing ZekeGreymon to defeat Volcdramon and let Kihira capture him.


  • Volcanic Fount
  • Circle of Death
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