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What do the strong know of the weak?
~ Volk

Volk is a minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost, being one of the Agito. He hates those he deems "privileged", and hunts them down with murderous intent.

Volk is voiced by an uncredited voice actor in the original Japanese version and by Deven Mack in the English translation.


In his normal form, he has shoulder-length green hair, pale skin and red eyes. He dresses in red pants, a red scarf and a mask that covers his mouth.

When transformed, he becomes a werewolf with green fur, lime-green eyes, massive dark wings, and green flame-like hair.

Powers and Abilities

He starts out the battle with a blast of his plague.

He can set green and red spheres over the arena which can help or hinder the player, set spinning blade weapons to attack the players in fixed patterns, summon a cloud of the plague, disappear or reappear, dash players with his weapon and perform spin attacks with it.

Upon his transformation, his spinning blade weapons get replaced with wolves. He can lash out attacks with his claws that take two thirds a circle, uses the same dash attack, albeit barehanded, and summon green whirlwinds.



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