A brawler's fate is decided in the battle. That's how the Vexos do it.
~ Volt Luster

Volt Luster is a major antagonist in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. He is the Haos brawler of the group and was formerly loyal to the Vexos. However, he left after hearing that their plans would include destroying worlds.


Despite his strong appearance, Volt Luster is one of the more approachable members of the Vexos. Unlike his team, he always fights honorably and respects his foes. He clearly states that he won't kick a man when he is down, meaning battle a brawler after they just battled someone else. Volt also lived in a big family like Baron and loves them deeply. Despite this loyalty to the Vexos, he did question Professor Clay's alternative weapon and was shocked by how much damage it could do, and because of that, he left the Vexos due to the alternative plan being purely evil.


Volt first appears with the other Vexos watching as the Bakugan get captured. He and Lync Volan confront Dan and Maucho as they arrive in New Vestroia saying they are weak kids. Mira arrives to assist Dan in a brawl together, with ends with Dan and Mira beating Lync and Volt. They find out about Drago and reports this to Spectra Phantom who tells Prince Hydron about it.

He is later seen watching as the Vexos get chewed out by Gus Grav for losing. Once Gus beats Dan, Volt cares little in regards to this.

Him and Lync are also in charge of Alpha City. When Spectra learns that the Restistence is in the city he commands the two to get rid of them. In the finals of the tournament he and Lync Brawl Shun and Ace. After losing once again, the controller is destroyed.

He and Lync later hear Runo and Julie when the girls tried to teleport Runo to New Vestroia, but due to the malfunction of Dr. Michael's teleportation machine, they failed to transport her properly. Spectra, Gus and Lync then go to Earth leaving him, Mylene Farrow, and Shadow Prove the only Vexos around.

Mylene soon splits up the rest of the Resistance and sends Volt to battle Marucho. After a tough battle, Volt eventually wins and takes Marucho hostage, commenting how he's glad he is not the one kidnapped.

When Spectra, Gus, and Lync return, Gus tells the others how one of the six Ancient Warriors helped them, which Volt doesn't believe. He soon gets shocked when Mira is brought into the Vexos base. He then watches Mylene and Shadow fight Dan and Barron.

When the Resistance make it to Gamma City, he fight Barron to prevent him from going any further. Although he loses in the end Volt compliments Baron for winning and lets him go. Volt soon tells Professor Clay to come with them while the Vexos evacuate New Vestroia. For her and Volt's constant failures, however, Mylene pins the blame on their organic Bakugan and throws Elico and Brontes out without waiting for Volt's input, angering him. He later leaves New Vestroia while Drago and Helios are brawling.

In between the first and second arcs, Volt fled along with the rest of the royal family and the Vexos when the Resistance revealed their lies about the Bakugan. To escape the revolting Vestals, they took off on the Vexos Motherpalace into space.

A few months later, he is seen with King Zenoheld discussing how to steal attribute energies. He soon gets annoyed when Hydron starts bragging how much his teammates are weak, silencing him by deciding to take the Pyras energy from Dan. When Volt is about to challenge Dan for the Pyrus attribute energy, Spectra and Gus swoop in to claim the battle. Though Volt was not going to stand for it, he halts when he sees Brontes in Gus' hands, and is puzzled when Brontes does not say anything due to his cybernetic state.Gus soon tells of this state, concerning Volt into deciding to not speak with his allies.

He then challenges Gus to a fight, which the later soon accepts, also showing off his new Bakugan, Boriates. During the fight, Gus questions Volt's loyalty to King Zenoheld, even knowing about the Bakugan Termination System, and gives an offer for him to work with him and Spectra. Volt, however, is beaten and refuses Gus offer.

A few days later, Volt traveled to Earth and disguised himself as a samurai at an amusement park to gain access to the Ventus energy. Despite this, Shun spotted him and challenged him to a fight.  While Volt was winning at first, Shun got some assistance from Baron, causing Volt to lose the duel in the end.

When the Brawlers arrive on the palace grounds, he gets surprised and later insults Spectra with the other Vexos and gets worried when Gus kidnaps Zenoheld.

When Shun and Barron get inside the place, Volt faces them both in a rematch with Mylene's aid. Thanks to the trap field, he takes the Ventis energy from Ingram. However, his victory is in vain when Drago destroys the BT system.

A few days later, King Zenoheld announces his plan to destroy Vestail and Earth. Volt finds this plan to be too evil for his liking, and so leaves the Vexos despite Mylene's warning. He returns to his hometown, covered in ruins. Here, he meets a kid who wants to be a brawler just like Volt, and the former Vexos offers to train him. However, Prince Hydron appears soon aftr, having been ordered by his dad to take care of Volt due to being a traitor. They battle and after a long fight, Volt wins due to using the custom battle ability on Boriates to beat Dryoid. He tells Hydron to leave and never come back, but as Hydron refuses defeat, he uses a death bomb to send Volt to another dimension. Before he was sucked in, Volt gave Hydron a warning that he will pay for what he has done and for all the people he's hurt before being sent to his doom.

His wish would be granted true, however, when Prince Hydron would betray his father and join the Resistance in destroying the alternative weapon system.


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