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The Voltbots are recurring enemies in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Dig: A Fist Full of Dirt

Robotic Trilobites and Kamikaze Bots often roam around the area known as Vectron, often trying to prevent Rusty from heading down to the main chamber. Laser Cubes will turn on when Rusty will approach them and Electric Lasers will try to shoot him and Shiners if given a chance. It was shown that the Vectron area was controlled by Voltbot and wanted to take Rusty's heart from him by force but was defeated and Rusty went to explore so that he could do more of his Uncle's unfinished work.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Fen, a Vectron Sprite, was seen in a "shrine" and blowing up Doomsday Cultists until Dorothy destroyed it and later helped her by activating other Vectron technology. Dorothy also stumbles in a cave of Vectron Sprites that activated Vectron Golems that went to chase her out of that cave.

SteamWorld Heist

After Captain Piper Faraday rescued Vectron, Vectron itself woke up the new Voltbots and took command of them with towers. These Voltbots would try to eliminate Piper's crew and even the Royalists but that was until Piper and her crew destroyed Vectron, witch made the Voltbots fall apart without there leader commanding them.

A DLC known as The Outsider will allow Fen to join Piper's crew while appearing to use Vectron scrap metal as a new body.

Known Voltbots

  • Robotic Trilobites
  • Kamikaze Bots
  • Laser Cubes
  • Electric Lasers
  • Voltbot (leader)
  • Fen (SteamWorld Heist)
  • Vectron Sprites
  • Vectron Golems
  • Vectron (leader)
  • Voltbot Beetles
  • Voltbot Soldiers
  • Voltbot Hoverbots
  • Voltbot Golems
  • Voltbot Lasers
  • Sheild Orbs


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