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Voltix promo

Voltix is an electrical villain who has recently escaped from the Hero Factory Jail


In the episode "Breakout", he has helped Von Nebula escaped by carrying an embodiment of his spirit to break the black hole orb staff, which in turn created a black hole, causing the villains to escape. Voltix escapes to Tansari VI during the Breakout and Hero Jimi Stringer has traveled to the area and is attempting to apprehend Voltix.

He went to the planet to create the "Ultimate Electric Weapon" and was stopped by Stringer, he was captured and Stringer removed his electric wires to disable his electrical powers.

Abilities and Traits

Voltix possesses electrical elements, including a voltage booster switch on his back and energized him to create electricial surge. Two mini-volt blasters on each side of his face that emits lighting blast, powerful to push a Hero to their knees like Rocka.

He is cunning, brash and short-tempter, he will zap anyone that gets in his way and has a similar desire as XPlode and Fire Lord, energy. Voltix wants to collect of the energy from Tansari VI for his power source.


Voltix is armed with a ball-shooting volt blaster that can also absorbing large amount of electricity and a lightning whip.


  • Voltix is voiced by Rick D. Wasserman, who also voiced Hulk from Planet Hulk.
  • He seem to based on Shocker and Electro for his electricial powers and weapons.
  • Member of Legion of Darkness in the Doom Box Novel.
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