Predator... prey... hhh... I hunt them all...
~ Von Bolt upon victory.

Von Bolt is the founder of the Bolt Guard and the new leader of Black Hole in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. He is a decrepit old man attached to a life support chair who seeks to gain immortality by sucking up the Earth's life force.


Von Bolt took over leadership of Black Hole after the death of Sturm. Unlike his predecessor, Von Bolt only desired to become immortal and did not seek world domination.

In order to achieve his goal of gaining eternal life, Von Bolt had the Black Hole conquer the continent of Omega Land so he could absorb its life force with his black crystals.

When Hawke discovers his identity, he attempts to kill both him and Lash by sending Oozium 238 after them, but they are saved by the Allied Nations. Von Bolt is eventually defeated by the Allied Nation COs, who steal his chair and use it to heal Omega Land. Without his chair and life support to sustain him, Von Bolt's physicality began to decay, something that Kindle expressed pity for Von Bolt over.


  • Von Bolt's appearance resembles Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, albeit with a life support system on his head instead of a hood.


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