Von Doom Industries was an international megacorporation belonged to industrialist Victor von Doom, whose headquarters was located in New York City. Its head office is located on the opposite side of Central Park to the Baxter Building.

Von doom Industries has been at the fore front of ship and equipment engineering for the past ten years. The people that work for the name Von-Doom are proud individuals, knowing that they make the capsuleers out there as safe as technology allows them they give their best and sacrifice a lot. They even made industrial and financial contributions to Victor von Doom's European home country of Latveria whose citizens congratulated and praised him for his humanitarian work.

The company went bankrupt after a research team was being exposed to the cosmic radiation cloud on a space mission with the four members would forever become the world's greatest superhero team known as the Fantastic Four, and Victor von Doom, who was overseeing the mission, would undergo transmutation and later became the most nefarious and dangerous villain, Doctor Doom. The news got out and bad press caused Ned Cecil to lead the other investors within the company to withdraw their funds.

Known Employees

  • Victor von Doom (founder and C.E.O.)
  • Leonard Kirk
  • Sue Storm (formerly)
  • Johnny Storm (formerly)
  • Ned Cecil



  • The Doom Industries

    The Doom Industries

    Doctor Doom rules his own company called "Doom Industries" within an alternate reality in the Marvel "What If" comic Iron Man: Demon in An Armor.
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