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Your life ends here!
~ Von Twirlenkiller to Jack Cayman.
Kreese: Man I wish I had one of those tornado generators.
Howard: What would you do with it?
Kreese: Uh, generate tornadoes, you f***nut!
~ Kreese and Howard on Von Twirlenkiller's main ability.

Von Twirlenkiller is the third boss in MadWorld. He's ranked 98th on DeathWatch.


Von Twirlenkiller wears typical Nazi garb, with a large gas mask, commissar cap, long white coat, leather pants, and boots. Instead of arms, he has two large wind turbines, used for generating his tornados.


According to Kreese Kreeley, he fought Von Twirlenkiller in the early Cuban games, and he still has a collapsed lung due to that match.

Von Twirlenkiller is the boss after the first motorcycle level. He fights with two giant wind turbines for arms. They both can generate powerful tornados that can lift cars off the road. During the power struggle, Von Twirlenkiller grabs Jack and levitates in the sky. When doing so Jack with use his Chainsaw to damage Von Twirlenkiller's' arms. Twirlenkiller accidently lets go and Jack cuts off one of Twirlenkiller's arms off.

With only one arm, Von Twirlenkiller's fighting style changes a bit. He know fights mostly in close range and performs a spin kick in a three punch combo. Von Twirlenkiller will try to preform the power struggle again, but end up losing other arm. With no arms left, Von Twirlenkiller is vulnerable to Jack's finishing move.

Jack then preforms the Finisher, in which, Jack uppercuts Von Twirlenkiller in the air, activates one of Twirlenkiller's amputated turbines, and chops Twirlenkiller to bits.



  • Von Twirlenkiller is unique in the sense that the player must manually defeat him once his HP reaches zero. The player must start a second Power Struggle for him to automatically lose.
  • In one of Howard's and Kreese's dialogue for the fight, Kreese makes a reference to the The Wizard of Oz, saying "Aunty Em! Aunty Em! It's a twister!".
  • Von Twirlenkiller plays bass guitar in a band known as The Wind Breakers.


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