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The Voodoo Queen

The Voodoo Queen

Do you want to see a offering, Do you want to see a sacrifice, Well a sacrifice you should receive.

The Voodoo Queen is a sinister voodoo sorceress and the main villainess of The Bayou Of Blood scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights 24.

She is a witch who looking for sacrifice and kills people just for satisfied the pure god of evil. She also has her minion to bring to a man to sacrifice for their god and tell everyone if they want to see the sacrifice. In the afternoon she had a scary demon voice and call everyone to approach the stage until the night when she had her normal voice but do the same thing has her demon side. She sacrifices a young man for calling the evil spirit and want to spill innocent blood on the bayou.

In the scare zone, she is just passing people and tell them who want to be the sacrifice. her minions also scare people and she enjoys their fear by scared people herself.



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