Our bones got glow!

Voom Voom is an ice hunter and a member of the vulture tribe in Legends of Chima.


He and the other members of the Ice Hunters were awakened loss devastated Scorpion King Scorm's discarded power of CHI, and then the Ice Hunters began to attack the Chima. Voom Voom is an upbeat member of the Vulture Tribe with a transparent right leg. He is always an optimist about everything, much to the annoyance of his best friend Vornon. Given the pair's completely opposite views on life, it is unknown why they seem to get along.

He is mostly seen throughout the series attacking chima. Always looking on the positive side of things willest his partner Vornon looks on the negative side of things

Later Vardy, Voom Voom and Vornon aroused the last Ice Hunter tribe, Ice Bear tribe. After the Great Illumination Voom Voom and the other members of the Ice Hunters were improved.



  • Voom Voom's name is a play on 'vroom vroom', onomatopoeia for the sound of an engine.
  • In episode 31, The Crescent, VoomVoom states that he hates math, a dislike further shown through his inability to count.
  • In the TV series, there are several occasions where Voom Voom has been given Vornon's voice, and vice-versa, by mistake.
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