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Forsaken by our goddess... Slaughtered in a war that was not our own... The people of the Shattered Desert were lost to history with no one left to tell their tale! Heh, or so it is thought.
~ One of Vora's lines upon starting a match.

Vora, also known by her title The Harbinger, is a playable antagonist and part of the Darkness in Paladins. She is a Flank champion that was introduced on October 28th, 2020.

She is voiced by Stephanie Panisello.

Official Bio

"A life, once devoted to Io, the Moon Goddess. Her sacred martial order was one tasked with protecting ancient seals, but even they did not know the extent of the chaos beneath. Feeling forsaken by her Goddess, surrounded by unanswered prayers and broken bodies, she has chosen to embrace that chaos. The Realm is on a path of self-destruction, but she will deliver it from that fate. She brings the end... of those wars, of that suffering - an end to everything. Those who know her dread her coming, for she is Vora, Harbinger of the End of the Realm; and they are not prepared."


Originally an acolyte of the Moon Goddess Io, Vora grew up hearing stories about her goddess, how she loved and cared for them all. Vora lead a happy life, and joined the martial order tasked with protecting the ancient seal which held chaos at bay.

It wasn't until her hometown and seal became the victim of yet another battle between the Magistrate and Resistance, with her fellow warriors, her friends and family, all perishing in the conflict. Furious at her goddess for not appearing to save them, as well as enraged at the Magistrate and Resistance, both claiming to fight for justice, but neither helping pick up the pieces of her destroyed home, Vora outlook changed completely; life was a large game of chess, with individuals such as herself disposable pawns. She could try to make her own space at the table, but instead Vora decided to flip it completely.

The Darkness sealed away, Yagorath, would make Vora an offer, one she accepted, and with it, the power to protect herself, as well as accomplish her new goal of ending suffering by putting an end to the Realm itself.

With this new power, she would attack her former hometown, seeking revenge on the goddess who had abandoned her, Vora would destroy Io's statue, and later come into conflict with the time traveler Atlas, who had come back to stop her. She would later assist Yagorath in her battle against Atlas and various other champions.


After losing her loved ones, Vora's personality became incredibly dark and sadistic. At points mentioning she wishes she could torture certain characters further. While possibly being influenced by Yagorath, Vora is aware of what she's doing.

She is also extremely judgmental and stubborn, insulting almost every other character and their motives, only mildly respecting those who use the Magistrate and Resistance for their own gain, such as Maeve and Skye. Though she does also show compassion for Grohk, who she possibly sees in a similar situation as she was with Io.

Vora is also extremely self-centered, refusing to say things such as "Thanks", "Please", or "Sorry", as well as being ungrateful when healed or when an ally is on a killstreak.

Though Vora takes herself incredibly seriously to the point she never jokes, she does seem to have a passion for dancing, with many of her lines referencing this, various emotes, as well as her entire fighting style being based on it.

Powers and Abilities

Vora is a seemingly skilled fighter, having been assigned to guard the ancient seal, after accepting Yagorath's offer, Vora gained more power and abilities, such as the ability to shapeshift her body into a red goop like state, allowing her to sneak past enemies or use parts of her body as a means of pulling herself around. Vora also gained the ability to launch various types of dark energy, from small simple blasts that either cause small explosions or drain the health of her enemies, from larger blasts capable of creating far larger explosions, Vora is a powerful adversary.


Deadly Scythe

  • A chain of dark energy attacks consisting of a pattern of "Light, Medium, Medium, Heavy".
    • Light Attack deals 350 total damage over time every 0.35 seconds, with an initial burst of one hundred.
    • Medium Attack deals 470 total damage over time every one second, with an initial burst of one hundred.
    • Heavy Attack deals 680 total damage over time every 1.2 seconds, with an initial burst of four hundred and fifty.
  • Successful hits grant Vora a stack of Darkness.
    • Darkness heals Vora and augments her other abilities when consumed.


  • Vora slams into the ground, becoming immune to crowd control, and hitting all enemies around her for 500 damage.
  • When used with a full stack of Darkness, an additional 300 damage is dealt and enemies are slowed by 30% for 2 seconds.
  • 12 second cooldown.

Dark Siphon

  • Vora launches a dark energy projectile that deals 200 damage on hit, as well as an additional four hundred over 1.5 seconds.
  • Hitting an enemy heals Vora for 300 health over two seconds.
  • Hitting an enemy with a full stack of Darkness cripples them for 1.5 seconds.
  • 6 second cooldown.


  • Vora shoots out a dark tendril granting her enhanced mobility.
  • 12 second cooldown.

Ultimate: Harbinger's Wrath

  • Vora channels her wrath, increasing her movement speed by 80% and reducing damage taken by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Vora can approach and attack a single enemy, stunning, crippling, silencing, and dealing 1100 damage to enemies above 66% percent health, or executing them if below.


As with every other champion in Paladins, Vora has a number of different talents and cards which can significantly alter her playstyle. Cards can be upgraded with a limited pool of fifteen points per load-out in order to increase their effectiveness. Numbers in curly brackets are the default values and can be upgraded a total of five times, each upgrade adding another instance of the base value to overall effectiveness.

Unyielding Pressure

  • Dark Siphon now deals an additional 10% of the target’s maximum Health as damage over 1.5 seconds.
  • Default talent.

Relentless Presence

  • Tendril gains a second charge.
  • Unlocked at Mastery Level 2.

Deafening Silence

  • Obliteration now Silences enemies hit for 1.5 seconds.
  • Unlocked at Mastery Level 8.


  • A Broken Path - Increase the Healing received from Dark Siphon by {50|50} Health.
  • A Change of Faith - Reduce the Cooldown of Tendril by {0.6|0.6}s after hitting an enemy with Dark Siphon.
  • A Dance with Fate - Reduce the Cooldown of Tendril by {0.6|0.6}s.
  • Broken Promises - Heal for {60|60} for each enemy hit with Obliteration.
  • Crimson Ascent - Reduce the Cooldown of Dark Siphon by {1|1}s if it fails to hit a target.
  • Deadly Dance - Generate {1|1}% Ultimate charge for each enemy hit by Obliteration.
  • Elegant Pairing - Reduce the Cooldown of Dark Siphon and Obliteration by {0.4|0.4}s after activating Tendril.
  • False Idol - Increase your Movement Speed by {5|5}% and gain {5|5}% Lifesteal for 2s after falling to or below 40% Health.
  • Inevitability - Reduce the Cooldown of Dark Siphon by {0.4|0.4}s after hitting at least one enemy with Obliteration.
  • New Purpose - Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}.
  • Otherworldly Tether - Gain a {75|75} Shield for 5s after activating Tendril.
  • Ruthless Elegance - Increase the effect of the Knockback applied by Obliteration by {8|8}% of its base value.
  • Sharpened Resolve - Consuming Darkness stacks Heals you for an additional {10|10} per stack.
  • The Maw's Embrace - Increase your Movement Speed by {6|4}% for 1s after hitting anything with Deadly Scythe.
  • Unified in Purpose - Reduce the damage you take by 10% for {1|1}s after hitting an enemy with Dark Siphon.
  • What May Come - Reduce the damage you take by {4|4}% for 3s after activating Tendril.

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