Let them have their revel. Soon those who won't submit will be turned. Those who won't be turned will die.
~ Vorinclex
We will ingest and remake this world in our image, not unlike some admirable designs I have seen here.
~ Vorinclex

Vorinclex is the green aligned praetor of the Phyrexians and a major antagonist in Magic: the Gathering. With the help of his faction known as the Vicious Swarm, he hopes to exterminate all organic life on New Phyrexia (formerly Mirrodin) and remake this world into his version of perfection.


Vorinclex whispering to Karn.

While Vorinclex holds the title of praetor of the Vicious Swarm, his adviser Glissa is the one who makes many of the group's decisions.

Unlike most of the other praetors, Vorinclex relies on his physical strength rather than his intelligence.

During the initial stages of the phyrexian invasion, he remained in the forest of Tel-Jilad while Glissa led his forces to battle. Built to be the ultimate predator, Vorinclex is more organic than most of the other phyrexians. Despite this, his ideals still revolve around the hatred of flesh and mechanical supremacy.

He was created from a birthing pod and is the prime example nature's ferocity implemented in a phyrexian beast. He is a Social Darwinist and believes that only the strong can survive and the weak feed the strong. He uses the glistening oil to create phyrexian monsters to feed on Mirrans and weaker phyrexians in the efforts to make themselves stronger. Despite being the weakest praetor mentally, Vorinclex has been known to use strategy. Examples of this include when he herded Kaya to counter her evasions and infected Tibalt in order to force him to do his bidding (even though Tibalt was going to do what Vorinclex wanted anyways).


Glissa, the Traitor

Before the phyrexians began their invasion, they were discussing how to properly invade Mirrodin in a time known as the "Deadlock". Unlike the other factions Glissa and Vorinclex believed that phyresis should spread through natural selection with predators eating prey. Vorinclex and Glissa believed that instead of waiting for the right moment to attack, they should attack right away. Through their interactions with others, they created a fearsome legion of phyrexian predators. They sent some of these beasts in advance to conquer Tel-Jilad and when the rest of the factions emerged, the forest was already conquered. In the Vicious Swarm, Vorinclex wished to to create a world in which the strongest beings dominated.

The idea of a structured faction was shunned and any inklings of a hierarchy were destroyed. Vorinclex and his faction disavow Yawgmoth and his previous failures. He believes that a single leader would be nothing but trouble. Vorinclex and Glissa manipulate those in their faction to the point where independent thoughts are removed. They try to improve their beasts with a fungus that Glissa created called "cortus blooms". These fungi are given to beasts and they are made their beasts become stronger. This revelation made the two of them appear favorable to the other praetors.

Vorinclex had a neutral relationship with Elesh Norn, Sheoldred, and Urabrask. He has a deep hatred for Jin-Gitaxias. He believes that his naturally created phyrexians are stronger than Gitaxias' experiments. Vorinclex joined the other praetors(except for Urabrask) in order to create the angel horror Atraxa. When Karn, the former Father of Machines, was liberated, the praetors fought among themselves. Vorinclex fought especially hard against Sheoldred and her spies and Jin-Gitaxias and his artificial monsters. Elesh Norn decimated Urabrask's and Sheolded's forces and leaving Vorinclex's alone. Elesh Norn found Vorinclex easy to manipulate due to his desires were the simplest compared to the other praetors. Vorinclex's last appearance was when he, the other praetors and Tezzeret met in New Phyrexia's core to crown a new leader.

Vorinclex on Kaldheim

In Kaldheim, Vorinclex was transported from his home of New Phyrexia to the Plane of Kaldheim. While the method he used to travel to Kaldheim is unknown, the process caused Vorinclex's organic parts to destroyed. When a stag investigated his metallic and boney body, Vorinclex killed it and used its remains to help reconstruct his body. He spent much of his time killing more animals on the plane until he created and new and powerful body. Before the events of the story, he found and infected the half devil Planeswalker Tibalt. Vorinclex wanted Tibalt to cause a distraction big enough so he could complete the plane uninhibited. Fortunately for Vorinclex, Tibalt was already going to bring chaos. He stalked the Plane's woods where he completed people and animals until he was confronted by the Planeswalker Kaya and the Omenseekers. When the God of Wisdom Alrund appeared to stop Vorinclex, the praetor fled to one of Kaldheim's other realms. He traveled to the sanctum of Esika, God of the Tree and beats her close to death. After collecting a sample of tyrite, a portal to New Phyrexia opened and Vorinclex returned home.


We will reveal the futility of their heresy by showing them how fragile their relics are.
~ Vorinclex
I wish I could take credit for it, but nature progresses on its own, just the way it should.
~ Vorinclex
Dead or alive, my creations are stronger than Jin-Gitaxias' septic minions.
~ Vorinclex
For every one that falls, ten shall rise. The revelation of New Phyrexia is at hand.
~ Vorinclex


  • Vorinclex was the first phyrexian praetor to be pictured on a Magic: the Gathering card.
  • Vorinclex, Monsterous Raider is the first creature to receive the phyrexian creature type.
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