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Really? Oh, okay. Well...remember this! You are nothing without me, for a hero is not a hero without a villain!
~ Vormulax to Shy Ninja, his most famous quote.

Vormulax is a minor supporting antagonist and later bigger bad of OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes. She is an "Alien-Esque Ghoul" made up of clouds and the archenemy of the hero Shy Ninja. In "Stop Attacking the Plaza", it is revealed that Vormulax is an investor of Boxmore Incorporated as well.

She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


Know Your Mom

In "Know Your Mom", as K.O. walks out of the Fitness Dojo, he witnesses a fight between Vormulax and her arch-enemy Shy Ninja. After being defeated, Vormulax tells Shy Ninja that she would be nothing without her, as a hero isn't a hero without a villain.

Because of Vormulax's statement, K.O. is inspired to try and help his mother relive her days as the hero Sliver Spark again by calling the former members of the Kactus Krew to Lakewood Plaza Turbo as a mother's day gift.

Stop Attacking the Plaza

In "Stop Attacking the Plaza", Vormulax, along with Cosma and Billiam Milliam, attend a meeting with Lord Boxman. Although speaking no lines, Vormulax is present when Cosma calls Boxman out for constantly abandoning his job to attack the Plaza.

Hurting his company in the process, and threatens to stop investing in it if he continues to do so. After Cosma challenges Boxman to not attack the plaza for a day, Vormulax and the other investors leave.

Boxmore Infomercial

In "Boxmore Infomercial", Vormulax appears in Lord Boxman's commercial for Boxmore. While stuttering and obviously reading off a script, Vormulax endorses Boxmore's robots, stating that, when they had to deal with a hero, Boxmore's robots saved the day.



  • Vormulax is the only known villain to be an enemy to a hero not related to Gar's Bodega.


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